Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal

Unless you’ve been under a rock or just don’t “do” entertainment you’ve either gotten a notice from Netflix or heard the chatter about Netflix going all crazy with their pricing. Those are my words. I doubt Netflix would see it the same. If anyone is cheap frugal, it’s me, and I’m all for getting somethingContinue reading “Sigh, Netfilx…or, yep, I’m crazy frugal”

Things I’ve noticed recently…

¬†THINGS I’VE NOTICED… My man hands (not my man’s hands)¬†look like 80 year old grandma hands…or should I say grandpa hands. Except for the fact that there are no liver spots you couldn’t tell the difference. Crafting will do that to ya. I’ve quit applying lotion liberally and often. Thus the reason for geriatric extremities.Continue reading “Things I’ve noticed recently…”

TV For Free (And Movies Too)

Thank you BooMama for letting us know about this. Should I really be thanking her? We turned off our cable so we wouldn’twatch tv. And now I’ve found a place online that will let me watch tv and movies. for free. I’m not sure whether this is a good thing or not. Sure, it’s goodContinue reading “TV For Free (And Movies Too)”