I had an amazing idea at the beginning of February 2016California Flowers Not So SAHM.

I think every photographer, professional or amateur, struggles with managing all of his/her pictures. We take thousands of images and most of them don’t make it out of our external hard drives. I’m trying something that will hopefully kill several birds (including that one) with one stone.

As a photographer, lately I’ve struggled with:

  • not being motivated to shoot
  • being motivated to shoot but not having time
  • desiring to get better at shooting
  • desiring to get better at post processing
  • what to do with all these images I’ve accumulated over the years!

We’ve all heard of Project 365s and 52s, where you take a picture a day or a week, usually with some kind of prompting to help kickstart your creativity. What I’m going to attempt this year (starting in February, because my brain was still in Snowzilla mode in January) is . . . .


I’m sure some clever soul has already thought that one up, but my brain thought of it the other day, and it’s going to help me overcome that list of struggles I detailed up there. It’s also going to help me post more.


  • I’m using pictures I have on my external hard drive
  • I’m sticking with using pictures from the current month (so in February, I only edited pics I took in previous Februarys).
  • I’m using Lightroom to edit (I have Elements but not Photoshop)

If you want to see the ProjectEdit365 posts head over to the blog I created just for those posts: Project Edit 365. I’m also posting them on Instagram with the hashtag #ProjectEdit365.

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