Day 1 – We Have One of Those Kids

We all know that even though children may come from the same womb, have the same parents, same looks, same upbringing, etc…they will have different personalities. Flying with Reagan for her first flight (at 8 months) was actually a joy. We were worried at first, but she proved to be a very easygoing passenger. She even fell asleep in our arms. She was a pleasure.

Oh, those were the days. Today we realized our other daughter is one of those kids. You know, the kind of kid people dread seeing get on a really small, tight, enclosed, echo chamber space like an airplane? We came short of lying and telling everyone we were transporting someone else’s child because our child would never act this way…we came close though. More about that later…

Today is the first day of our Florida vacation. A much needed vacation that couldn’t come at a better time. We escaped snow on the ground and landed in 80 degree weather. In fact, here’s my pile of clothes that I brought for two weeks! You can only get away with this when you’re going to the warmer climates.

Pile of clothes It really is a small pile. And I fit Reagan’s, Ashlyn’s and my clothes all in one suitcase. Thank God for warm weather. I hate layers of clothes.

Ok, back to the story. The girls were troopers all day. We woke them up early in the morning to be at the airport on time. We dragged them around and made them jump through the hoops that is airport security. We fielded questions like: “why would be put bad things in our shoes? Why do they need to see the metal on our clothes?”

Our first case of having that kid and, well being that family came as we were getting ready to board the first plane. We had with us: two kids, a stroller, two carry ons, a backpack, two car seats and various jackets falling out everywhere. We toddle up to the gate checker, cutting in front of many a business person, because the voice on the loud speaker said that anyone with a child under five could make their way onto the plane. After cutting in front of everyone the gate guard assures us that it would be better for us to check the stroller and two car seats instead of leaving them plane-side. So this takes an extra five minutes that the business people behind us obviously didn’t have time for to begin with. But the plane wasn’t taking off yet, so what were they in a rush to get on for?

When we got on the plane I realized why they were in a rush. Southwest does not assign seating. You board, you find the first available seat, you laugh at everyone coming on behind you that has to travel farther back into the depths of the plane to find three seats together…that would be us. Reagan straps into her seat like an old pro. She is after all. Ashlyn starts bouncing around in our laps like it’s Baby WWE.  Here’s a picture of her first time on the plane:

Ashlyn’s first plane rideCan you tell she’s thinking: “who’s head should I pound with Baby Bear?”

The first flight goes well. We connect to our second plane, and the two-nap-a-day girl hasn’t had a wink of sleep yet. You who have kids know, when little ones get really tired they tend to go berzerk in the moments leading up to passing out. This happened to us on our second flight. Wiggle, snatch, scream, throw, bounce; wiggle snatch, scream, throw, bounce; repeat. We tried to placate her by feeding her continuously with Wheat Thins. I thought this was a great idea until I looked down at my shirt later and realized she’d used my chest as her napkin to wipe her slobbery, crackery face with. Finally, after 1 hour and 50 minutes of our 2 hour flight the inevitable happens and she passes out…on Du’s hand:

passing out She had Wheat Thins in her hand, was chewing on one, and suddenly could no longer keep her eyes open. I’m not going to say the plane broke out in applause, but I think I faintly heard some sighs. In all actuality, she really wasn’t that bad (all the stuff I wrote about did happen though). A flight attendant did tell us we had really well-behaved girls. But you know how you feel in that situation, when you’re trapped in a sardine can with that kid.

And the fun doesn’t end there. We land in Orlando and make our way with all our luggage–which is everything I mentioned before with the addition of our suitcases. Du has the really good idea to fetch the rental car by himself while we wait there with the luggage. Why lug all that crap around when the car can be brought to us? It really would have been a great idea if the Orlando airport would allow passenger traffic to enter into the shuttle/taxi causeway…but they would not. So I get a phone call telling me (kindly) just to meet him up on the second floor, he’d be waiting for us with the car.

Uh, what? I’ll remind you readers of what I’m in charge of here:

  • two kids
  • stroller
  • pack and play
  • two suitcases
  • one carryon
  • two backpacks (one being Du’s so it could be considered another suitcase)
  • two car seats
  • jackets out the wazoo

 Remembering that we’re on vacation…in no hurry…there’s a little one who likes to mimic everything I do…I readjust my attitude from one big pity party to one where Super Woman could have done no better. Du only had to circle around the airport three times before we made it up there. But we lost nothing, so a big plus for me.

A long nap later (well for all of us but Driver Du) we make it to St. Augustine. The air smells like the ocean. The humidity is already messing with my hair (my skin will be next). The dress code is decidedly different from that of our current hometown. And we couldn’t be happier. Well, except for Ashlyn when I wanted to document what she looked like after falling asleep with a chocolate donut in her possession (just as second children have different personalities than their older siblings, they have different diets as well):

chocolate donutDon’t know if you can see it but there is chocolate smeared on the bottom half of her face and all around her neck. Donut has even made its way down her shirt and into her pants, and on her socks.

Dinner tonight was SEAFOOD!! Read the description of my dish:

Macadamia Mahi Mahi:  

Crusted with roasted macadamia nuts, topped with a Grand Marnier passion fruit beurre blanc and served with mashed sweet potatoes and vegetables.

I’m drooling on the keyboard just thinking about it again. Du had Fresh Grouper: Seared topped with a delicate shrimp and crab sauce. Ashlyn had bites of both of ours, but mainly enjoyed throwing food on the floor. Remember, she’s one of those kids.

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9 thoughts on “Day 1 – We Have One of Those Kids

  1. I read this the night Vicki posted it and was laughing out loud. OK, not too loud. I just got both kids asleep – the screamer (guess which one that is) was hollerng at the top of her lungs standing up in her pack and play. I told her “that is enough!”, laid her back down, and she continued screaming as if I hadn’t done a thing. OK, Plan B: I knelt there for 10 mins rubbing her belly while those eyelids got heavier and heavier…Success. 🙂 The other princess rolled around for 30 mins and was flipping her legs in the sheets – you know that sounds – woosh, woosh, woosh. I said in that loving Daddy voice, “Reagan, quit that!” That really wasn’t a good explanation or option. So, I had her think about 100 sheep jumping the fence, then 99 sheep, then … When we both woke up…just kidding, Vicki and I then planned tomorrow’s events.
    To correct a few misstatements (accidental I’m sure) from the earlier post:
    1. Vicki forgot to mention that on the first flight, Ashlyn thought I was a punching bag. Both with her palm and with her bear but most enjoyable was with a bottle of Motrin. She laughed after each punch – very funny 🙂
    2. I did think about the bus/taxi access before setting off for the rental car (with my backpack mind you) but when I saw a few civilian vehicles I thought we were good to go. Bad plan – that’s what I get for thinking. Those minivans were “limos”.
    3. At dinner, when Ashlyn got fussy while we were waiting for our salads, I gave her the only thing I had, a lemon from my sweet tea. Not only did she like it, she started eating it. That only stopped when she actually bit some off of the peel and gave “that face”. That didn’t last long though. Two minutes later she yelled “blaaahh” and pointed at my other lemon. I gave it to her and she ate that one too. Fortunately our salads got there then to save us from the “hungry one year old tyrant”. We had a blast with the kids today. Vicki and I joke but Ashlyn and Reagan are awesome kids that we love dearly and thank the Lord for everyday.

  2. Oh my gosh, you two are a hoot telling this tale – you’ve had me laughing out loud. Even when things were pretty tough going, I was laughing. The description of all the items going on the plane plus the additional stuff added to the original that Vicki had to get to the waiting car was reminiscent of the Clampetts; I could hear the tune to the Beverly Hillbillys as I read.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for including pictures; I look forward to the next installments.

    p.s. give “that kid” and Reagan a kiss for me.

  3. Thank you so much for the smiles and laughs. You guys are great!!! I’m happy to hear you all made it there safely. Sooooo, Vicki, all I could think about when picturing you with all that stuff and the girls, is what it must have looked like to all the other passengers at the airport. LOL. I’m picturing this 90 pound women with bags on both arms, jackets hanging from the straps, suictcases being pulled by you and Reagan and Ashlyn hanging on for dear life. And Du, making the multiple circles around the airport as if he were stuck with the Griswall’s, in the National Lampoon’s European Vacation movie.That’s just awesome. Thank you for the detail. I loved how our brillant Reagan so inquisitively questioned the airport security process. Thank you so much for my card and please give the girls hugs and kisses from the both of us. Have a fabulous vacation and I look forward to the upcoming blogs.

  4. I am laughing so hard right now! Such vivid details…..I can totally picture it just like Lee said. A little 90 pound woman with 200 pounds of luggage and kids. What I wouldn’t give for pictures of that (and pictures of the expressions on the other passengers faces)!

    Thanks so much for sharing y’alls vacation with us. Just what I need in the middle of nursing school when all I get to do is study. At least I can live it through you guys!

    Oh, and one more thing, I completely understand what you mean about the second child being so different. If I would have had Marli first, I don’t think that I would have had another one!

    Enjoy the trip and I can’t wait to read about more of y’alls adventures (and yummy food too)!

  5. Vicki…I just love that (a) we both have fabulous little girls and (b) our firstborns are practically perfect in every way (to us, at least) and (c) our secondborns are…well…”spirited.” That’s a nice way of putting it, huh? I was laughing out loud while reading this. Then I got to the end…darnit, I want some macadamia encrusted Mahi, please!!!!

    Anyway, if it makes you feel any better, Caroline has learned to say “stupid.” We don’t use this word in our house…but I guess she heard it on TV. I’ll blame it on that, at least. All attempts at disciplining are moot–she still thinks it’s the most hysterical thing to say…as in, “It’s stupid…stupid, stupid, stupid…hahahaha!” Seriously. Meanwhile, Libbey has never uttered the word in her entire 6 year existence. I just love my girls! Y’all have fun & keep up the good blogging while on vacation–you rock!

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