Expelled: The Movie

So I finally was able to see Expelled tonight! Thank you, Mom for giving us a date night. It was everything I was expecting. Ben Stein made the point that the Intelligent Design side of the debate has very good arguments and respected scientists behind it. Yet only Darwinism is given air time in academia, science organizations, media, etc. There are major flaws in Darwinism as well, which are not discussed or allowed to be brought up. And anybody who dares to bring up ID as a possible valid part of the origin of life is shunned.

Stein kept relating the way academia, etc. shuts down dissent in the evolution debate to the wall placed between West and East Germany to keep free thought out. Why is this? What are they so afraid of? Is the idea that something intelligent (not necessarily the God of the Bible) created life so bad? Well, if you travel down their thought processes and have their worldview then it potentially could  be bad.

The main point of the movie is that freedom is the foundation of all that America stands for. Why is freedom of ideas and speech forced out of the evolution debate? Let  us speak about Intelligent Design. Let  the hearers make their own decisions.

I highly recommend seeing this movie. And show it to as many young people as you can. People need to know to what lengths Darwinists are going to keep ID out of the public’s conscience.

To those of you trolling blogs looking for fights: I probably won’t respond to any flames you throw here. Go ahead and throw them, it’s your free speech.  It’s more than what your side will allow in the halls of academia or in the press.

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2 thoughts on “Expelled: The Movie

  1. Hey there, SAHM

    My husband, daughter, and I saw Expelled night before last and we were also impressed. I reviewed it on my site and attracted a wee bit of sarcasm–nothing horrible. How nice of your mom to sponsor a night out. 🙂 It’s hard when you’re getting by on one income plus a fledgling business. My daughter is also home-schooled, but she’s 16, so pretty much schools herself.

    It really amazes me how harshly scientists (that’s real scientists, smarter than I can expect to be in this life) are put down if they venture a toe outside the “compound”. And this in the US. Makes me wonder whether it’s worth the grief even sending my daughter to a secular college. I’m not afraid she’d be deceived, but I’m not sure it’s right to give them any more money than I’m forced to through taxation. Or that she’d even get a decent education for it.

    God’s strength to you,


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