PSA: Put it back

The girls and I were at WalMart today picking up a quick couple of things. We were on a boxed food aisle when a man (with his daughter) took his carton of eggs and just placed it on one of the shelves.

Um. Eggs are supposed to be cold. Eggs don’t belong with the macaroni. Because this man was too lazy to walk the fifty feet back to the egg section he was just going to leave the carton with the pasta.

Put it back. If you don’t need something that you’ve picked up put it back where it belongs. Not only was this man setting a bad example to his child by being plain lazy he was being disrespectful to WalMart. No, a carton of eggs don’t cost WalMart a lot, but it’s the principle of the matter. That man was saying his thirty seconds were more important than the money it costs to replace a carton of eggs that went bad on the pasta aisle.

Also, when you’re done with your cart in the parking lot put the thing in one of the cart returns. Honestly, does it really take that long to return it? Once again this is an example of laziness and disrespect for the store and for other people’s property (their cars).

This was a good little character lesson that I made sure Reagan knew about and understood as we walked the fifty feet back to the egg section.

Rant over. Enjoy your weekend.

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25 thoughts on “PSA: Put it back

  1. Kuddos to you for this one!!! I completely agree with you. Put the food where you got it from, it is totally courtesy and respect! And that cart thing, Yep!!

    BUt one question, what do you do when there arent any cart caddies? We have one store that doesn’t have a cart caddy, and I will sometimes leave it in the parking lot because I have lots of kids, and I can’t always go back inside the store to return it.

    Dont hate me for that.

  2. I completely agree! Although I have been known, on occasion, to leave something if I have crabby kids and it would take me 20 minutes to find where the item belongs… but I think in that case it would be better to give it to a store clerk. πŸ™‚

    I married into a family that has no regard for that kind of thing and I think it’s rubbed off a little too much… thanks for the reminder, it’s one of the common courtesies that’s being forgotten…

  3. Yay for you! And DOUBLE YAY for taking the time to use it as a valuable lesson for Reagan.

    I pity that poor other child for the bad example she witnessed. There’s another generation to get the wrong idea.

    And while it’s a small thing, when people don’t take the time or effort to deal with those, they usually don’t expend much more toward the things that matter most either.

  4. Kudos for putting them back. After sitting with the pasta for several days, picked up by a stock boy/girl, returned to proper place. bought by an unsuspecting person, used by said person; someone could have had a serious problem.

  5. AMEN!! I was returning something in WalMart when a worker came up to the service counter with half a cart FULL of grocery stuff they had to throw out because it was perishable and left out somewhere else–yes-even ice cream bars!! Several times a day they do this–I admit to puttin a shirt back on the wrong rack when a cheaper one is one the next rack I see though-shame–but I have also bought things that were placed wrong and exactly what I wanted so I figure maybe I am helping make a sale??? FOOD though? never!

    My boys also run and follow ladies with children in the lot and return their cart for them—I never try for a parking spot close to the store-the coveted one is next to the cart return!!

    LOVE the PSA’s-keep em coming!

  6. I am a big believer that it should be a requirement for any consumer to participate in a “month in the life” program. Each person who buys a good will have to work in retail. Each person who wants to consume food, must wait tables. Then everyone would know that 15% is a bad tip and 20% is a good tip AND they would all put the eggs back into the cooler.

  7. I always return my buggies to their proper storage location…even in the snow or rain. It irks me to no end to see a random cart in the middle of the parkling lot.

    Glad I’m not the only one muttering, “put it back!”

  8. I agree with you 100%…it is this type of “little” thing that leads to the overall deterioration of society as a whole. When people just won’t take a moment to do the right thing.

  9. Ugh! I hate it when people do those things. I have gotten on to my sister so many times because she just wants to leave something (never food but something like a sweater) in a completely different department because she changed her mind about buying it. My sis is a lot older than me but I feel like I’m scolding a child. It is just downright annoying. And there’s nothing more aggravating after shopping than finding someone else’s cart in the side of your car because they didn’t take the time to put it away. Now I’m mad! LOL

  10. Oh man! I know all about this one! I live in the rude capital of the US: New York! Where that guy would have thrown the unwanted eggs down, making a giant mess that inevitably you would have slipped and fallen in, and someone else would have mowed you down with that stray shopping cart. For real! People have the worst manners, and all of them are here!

  11. I’m a good person, but I do have a baby. I choose to leave my cart in between cars in the interest of not leaving my baby alone in the car for even a minute (especially in the summer in Phoenix). Just remember there may be ulterior motives, not all of them evil.

  12. Jaime,

    I’ve had to deal with that too with two young ones. It can be stressful! What I do in those situations is to put my items in the car, lock it up and take the cart to the cart return with both kids. Then return to the car and load all the humans up.

  13. Though that man was rude and setting a terrible example, when we lived in France, we were shocked to see that in most supermarkets the eggs are not refrigerated. nope. they just sit there stacked on a shelf.

  14. I completely, 100% agree with this! I will go and put things back for give to the cashier so she can have someone put it back if I change my mind. And carts…hello, they have wheels and all you have to do is push them a few feet to a corral. But let’s face it, people are lazy and WAY to important to do that.

  15. I am soooo there with you!!!! It drives me crazy…and hello close the freezer doors…I don’t know how many times I have walked passed the frozen isles in stores and the doors are left open. I always close them when I see this! And leaving carts out..specially on windy days..hello people put them up! Great post! πŸ™‚

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