The children’s brains are mush

Alternate title: Sometimes sitting your kids in front of the tv for a multi-day movie marathon can be a life saver.

Our girls normally get to watch one movie a day and sometimes they even forget to ask for one. Since we don’t have cable or the new antenna thingy to watch HD tv there’s not a lot of tv watching going on here on a regular basis.

Until someone gets sick.

Last week Ashlyn was feverish for two days and so I let her watch several movies each day as Reagan and I did school. This week it was my and Reagan’s turns. Tuesday afternoon the body ache started and by Wednesday morning I felt a little like death warmed over. That has continued throughout today. Reagan has bounced around in regards to how she’s feeling. Wednesday she spent most of the day passed out on the couch not aware that there was a rare movie marathon going on. Today she felt better though and partook fully.

So while I’m in bed feeling like I’ve been hit by a WMATA bus (which isn’t all that uncommon around here) I think it’s ok to stick the kids in front of the tv with several…dozen…ahem movies. What’s crazy to me is that they choose the exact. same. movies. to watch over and over again. Hello, I’m ready to shove Barbie Mermadia down the toilet and plunge it until it dissolves into a thousand tiny pieces. I could quote the movie by now if I actually paid attention to it. The same goes for Barbie and the Diamond Castle or whatever the stupid name is.

In fact, I hate Barbie right now, but she and the Veggie Tales gang are babysitting my kids so I can’t complain too much. Maybe I’ll use those DVDs for skeet shooting practice once I’m all better.

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “The children’s brains are mush

  1. Hi V!

    I’m so torn on the TV dilemma. When we moved into our new house and switched cable providers, I made my first big step by not ordering a DVR box. So, I can no longer record 20+ shows a week that I spend all weekend catching up on. But what has it lead to? Me agonizing on weeknights trying to decide which show to watch. It is a problem. A big problem. I need to pick one show and stick to it, and let that be the end of it. But, then why does Cable have all those other ridiculous channels that I don’t need. /sob. Do they have TV Rehab?

    Fortunately Mikey has entered a stage of his life in which the TV holds no interest for him. Even those wacky sounds and images streaming from NickJr don’t do it for him which is a good thing considering that whole “No Screen media” before 2 thing. *sigh*

    Also, I ❤ Veggie Tales. I had my first religious experience at the age of 16 when I sat on a friend's little sister's Jr. Asparagus and he began singing "God is bigger than the Boogie Man." I laughed at first, and then ended up crying uncontrollably for 10 minutes. Weird, huh. My friends all thought I was just having an off day, and bought me a Jr. Asparagus doll for my 17th birthday. But – I still claim that God was trying to reach me through Jr. I will happily plop Mikey in front of any Veggie Tale Movie his heart desires.

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