My idiot self

…or how I tried to donate big bucks to Victoria’s Secret.

Saturday we got an alert from our bank that there was a withdrawal for a large sum. It was a very large sum to Victoria’s Secret. “Holy crap!” I thought, “someone got that Christmas BIG-Wish List catalog from VS and just bought the diamond studded bra. With our money!” Oh no they di-unt! I was instantly peeved that someone was going to steal our information and then go shopping at Victoria’s Secret. At 7:30 on a Saturday morning even.

We made calls to our bank. Panicky calls. We made calls to Victoria’s Secret. Panicky calls. I was ready to do my duty and become a detective. I was going to find this person and personally rearrange some body parts. They would not be able to wear or give away a diamond studded bra after I was finished with them.

That was until the bank person told us, “someone with account access scheduled a bill to be paid to a Victoria’s Secret credit card account.”

Uh. Oops…

Technology is a double-edged sword that cuts through the archaic methods of yesteryear yet comes dangerously close to dealing the fatal blow to your credit rating.

Technology is fire, necessary for sustaining life and yet so capable of consuming life if it gets out of hand.

Technology is a two-faced woman who is ready to be your best friend one minute and then rip you to shreds the next only to have you find out a day or two after once your reputation has been tarnished and you have to work feverishly to repair the damage.

Technology is what we use to pay our bills. We don’t write checks anymore. A couple of clicks at the beginning of each month and I don’t have to think about bills again for the rest of the month. It really is a time saver. If you use it properly.

Or you could be an idiot like me. On the bank site we use, all of our bills (current and ancient) are listed alphabetically. One of our credit cards is right above the Victoria’s Secret account.


Yes, I had a VS account. Their undies are the only ones that fit properly. Ahem. The account has not, however, been active for several years, so I do not know, for the life of me, why the VS account information is still on our list.

But it is. And this is where my idiocy comes in. I’ve gotten so proficient at bill paying that I can just point and click my way down the list now. I’m so fast and sure of myself that I don’t even double-check my work. Pride comes before a fall, shall we say. And I no longer have anyone’s butt to kick but my own.

P.S. I did a little research to see if VS still does that outrageous Christmas Catalog. I found out they indeed have a diamond studded bra for sale this holiday season. I choked a little. It costs just a teeny bit more than the amount taken from our account. (Don’t click on that link unless you’re a girl.)

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