Holiday Interactivity

The Simon and Schuster publishing company was kind enough to send me two cool books. I did not ask for them, but was very thankful to receive them. Both books are by David Carter and both are pop-up books.

This intrigued me when I looked through it, and I have to admit I didn’t get it beyond the artwork when I first looked through the book. It didn’t take long though to realize each page opens up to make different noises, and it’s the white part of the page that makes the noise, hence the title. Carter has created a series of color books and this latest installment pays tribute to the former books. In White Noise Carter has hidden images that refer to his other color books.

This isn’t your traditional pop-up book for little kids. My seven-year old enjoys making the noise on each page and finding the hidden images. A great book for any art lover and kid at heart.

Honestly, what pop-up book is for little kids though? I do not buy them for my kids because there is a cheap frugal part of me that does not want to spend the money on a book that will be destroyed by a child who just doesn’t get the idea that all parts should remain intact (example to come). If you are brave or just not weird like me, then this next book is for your toddlers…and seven year olds.

Snow Bugs is a cute winter book that allows kids to explore different winter scenes. Different tactile and visual stimulations are on each page and my two-year old daughter had fun opening, folding,

pulling, touching,

and tearing…

This is what you want to prevent with pop-up books. That arm and leg don’t belong on the left page. They belong on the bug with another arm and leg that are missing.

The bright side is that my kid loves this book so much that she really works each page. I’m not trying to insinuate that this book is ill-made, it is not. My kid is just a destructrix. Did I just make up that word?

So check these out. They are great ideas for presents or stocking stuffers. And they just may be changing my mind about pop-up books. What is childhood for if not exploring your world, right?

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