Meeting an old friend for the first time

Well, she’s not old, and I guess she’s only an old friend in the new technology sense in that if it happened last week it’s already old news and, like, that’s so moments ago. I thought it was a catchy title.

Julie, of My Life With Boys…, and I are blog buddies. I think we met through Blog Around the World (no longer active). I was fascinated that she lives in Hungary because my maid of honor’s parents are Hungarian and Du and I got to spend some time in Budapest when we lived in Germany (ask me about it sometime, I never shut up). So, I was intrigued to read about her life. I’m sure she got sick of my “I remember when…” comments detailing the all of five days that I got to spend in her part of the world, whenever she would mention something about Hungary that I happened to be remotely familiar with. But being the nice girl she is she would answer me and visit my blog.

Imagine how excited I was when I found out she’d be coming back to the states to visit, and that she was actually coming very close to where I live. I know! A bloggy meetup just waiting to happen! Her peeps got with my peeps and we arranged a play date of sorts that would allow our kids to have fun while we could meet and catch up and get to know the person that we already felt like we knew. At least that’s how I felt about it. Julie might have thought she was meeting a crazy person and that’s why she chose such a public place…

Here we are with the lead weights we had to carry as we ice skated around. Notice the two little sugarplum fairies have skates on as well, but they thought it’d be more fun to give their mommies back problems.

Julie, do you believe in courting instead of dating? ‘Cause I do. We could let them get to know each other during furloughs. Ahem.

The kids who were too big to hang on mom’s hips had to venture out and try it on their own. And lo and behold, they both learned to skate without holding onto the rail! I think this was Eli’s first time. Reagan’s 7th birthday part was at an ice skating rink, but this is the first time she got off the wall by herself. They were good motivators for each other. We were both proud mamas.

We got all the kids looking in the same direction! With smiles on their faces!

After working up an appetite on the rink we headed over to Cosi for lunch and S’mores. Look at the cute tabletop S’mores kit! I know! Julie, I ended up ordering one of these. It came today and so tonight I thought of you as we enjoyed S’mores in our own living room. During lunch poor Jasper burned his finger on the lava-hot little grill thing and so our meeting came to an abrupt end.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me Julie! I had a great time and it felt like when we first met we were continuing a conversation that had left off at a previous time. Gush. Now she really will think I’m psycho. I hope we’re still here when their next furlough brings them back to the states.

Next bloggy meetup…Ronnica? Allison?

NB – After thinking about it I have met up with a couple irl friends (in real life) in the recent past who also write blogs. I went to high school (and junior high and elementary school, right?) with Tori and went to New York with Heather. Neither in the recent past, but, you know what I mean. Is there anyone else I’m forgetting to mention?

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6 thoughts on “Meeting an old friend for the first time

  1. I had a great time…and I was actually coming to your site (been a bad bloggy friend since being in America and NOT reading/writing on blogs..) so I am trying to catch up before the 1st, tomorrow…lol and came to get your address to link to you. I am writing my wrap up now… and I had a blast… it was fun and wish it wasn’t abruptly short as well. oh and if you want a crazy little cuttie like Jasper I am up for courting… Ashton is adorable… so is Regan but she might a little too old for Eli… boys mature so much slower! …lol.

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