What was your favorite part?

We’ve gotten into a habit of asking our girls, after watching a movie or doing an activity, “what was your favorite part?” When asking little girls this question you would expect to get sugar and spice and everything nice answers. We get slightly different answers. We don’t get, “I loved the princesses and I loved when she saved that cute little kitten and I loved when everything happened happily ever after.” We get, “I loved the bad witch and I loved when she destroyed the castle and I loved when everything went up in smoke.”

Latest example. We watched Groundhog Day recently (in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania by the way. That’s another blog post). When asked what her favorite part was Ashlyn quickly replied, “when he crashed in the fire.” Not even kidding. Out of the whole movie my kid’s favorite part was when Bill Murray’s character is trying to end his life.

Another example. We watched Enchanted recently. Ashlyn’s favorite part wasn’t seeing a fairytale princess in a beautiful gown or when they all magically knew the words to the same song and sang together in Central Park. Her favorite part was when the lady turned into the dragon and wreaked havoc on the ball goers.

Yet another example. We watched The Princess and the Frog recently. Ashlyn’s favorite part was when the Shadow Man’s shadows were chasing the frogs throughout NOLA. Not when the two get to be married or when Ray the lightning bug is speaking (anything he said was hilarious and he stole the show). The scariest part of the movie was her favorite. Mmmhmm.

I wish I could remember other examples. I should be writing these down, if anything to use as evidence when we have to seek counseling later in life.

I’m inclined and almost desperate to believe that she just remembers the most striking part of a movie, and that she doesn’t quite get what “favorite” means, and that in America you’re supposed to like the good parts and the happy endings. Lord help us. She’s only three.

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12 thoughts on “What was your favorite part?

  1. Just to clarify my wife’s quote of Ashlyn, “when he crashed in the fire.” It was actually, “when the truck crashed on the ground and the fire blew it up.” That makes me such a proud Dad. 🙂

  2. That’s the weird thing, she LOVES playing with Barbies and playing dress up. She’s so much more physical though than her bigger sister…in loving and “hateful” actions. Reagan was never a hitter but no one had to teach Ashlyn how to hit, she just knew how to do it 🙂 HOWEVER, she is so much more cuddly than Reagan was/is. She’s definitely not going to be a sissy!

  3. Funny. I don’t know what it is but little kids really seem to dig the macabre. (Maybe it’s because they’ve not been socialized yet and know that’s not always the “most appropriate” choice. Probably naturally appeals to their baser instincts which they aren’t mature enough to quell yet.)

    I’d never really thought about it until some time back the mother said: “Why are little kids so morbid?” after having a long conversation with my younger cousin’s kids.

    It all sounds perfectly normal to me. No therapist diary required. 🙂

  4. I love the comment about therapy later. A mom I love here had 6 kids and she said that she is paying for any counseling for her oldest… just in her learning to be a mom… lol, and she is an amazing mom.

    But I think about Jasper… he and Ashton, definitely a pair those two! lol I love that comment…

  5. Hi Vicki!
    My kid always picks the violent, most negative things as her favorite. AFter I stopped looking up our mental health benefits I ased her why she picks the violence parts and she says becasue they help her see how much better her life is.

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