We remember – wreath laying ceremony

We went to the wreath laying ceremony today at Arlington National Cemetery. Waiting three hours in the blazing sun with no breeze to speak of was completely worth it. We couldn’t have asked for better behavior from the girls either.

We were front and as centered as we could be. We were right next to the center line, which was saved for dignitaries.

The most honored position –
to guard those who sacrificed their lives, names unknown.

Changing of the guard – every 30 minutes 24/7/365

The honor guards of each service flank the tomb

Pershing’s Own (The US Army Band)

Honorable duty

Service before self

The wreath being brought out

Mrs. Biden

Mrs. Biden’s shoes (you are not surprised that I noticed are you?)

Biden paying his respects after presenting the wreath

After the wreath has been presented

The services have retreated

A flag for every grave

We felt that it was such a privilege to give several hours of our time to be able to experience the wreath laying ceremony first hand. Next year, if we are able to go back we will sit for the memorial ceremony. You can only do one or the other due to crowds and time.

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9 thoughts on “We remember – wreath laying ceremony

  1. Very nice. You are brave to take on the crowd and the heat…we were no such thing! 🙂 Mrs. Biden’s shoes are great too. 🙂

    1. I’m crazy like that. There are things that I end up *having* to do because it’s neat to check them off and I will brave the blazing heat or freezing tundra. Like visiting Lebanon, Kansas, the center of the United States; or going to Punxsutawney, PA for Groundhog Day. I guess it’s my bucket list of sorts but I haven’t created the list ahead of time.

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