First Book Club Meeting – update

Don't be friends with jerks precept

Several weeks ago I posted about starting a book club with a friend for our daughters. Today was our first meeting! We chose to read Wonder by R. J. Palacio for our first book.

Wonder by R J Palacio

The girls read the book in a flash. I had to finish a book for my own book club (for adults) before I could start this one. I finished the day before our meeting! That just means it was fresh in my mind. . .

I did a google search for discussion questions and came up with several helpful sites. I even found a blog detailing the “Overstuffed Book Club’s” meeting about Wonder. They had several different cool activities for their girls to do. We chose to do just one – we had our girls decorate frames to frame their favorite precept (a concept mentioned throughout the book). I also thought about having the girls draw/paint a self portrait (also mentioned in the book), but we decided against that. I could probably have my daughter do that during the week as part of her art class.

The girls did well discussing the questions, and I was impressed at how deep some of the discussions went. Asking a preliminary question and then following up with deeper, leading questions helped them to explore their thoughts. As we do this more and more they will also get better at expressing their thoughts and opinions to others.

So, meeting one, a success. We haven’t chosen another book yet nor decided on whether to open our meetings up to other kids. We would definitely have needed to meet for a longer period if there were more kids involved.

My daughter’s frame with her favorite precept from the book:

Don't be friends with jerks precept
True dat

(the frame has letters glued on that also say “don’t be friends with jerks”. Amen.
   Not So SAHM

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