Play acting

Angel the herald

One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability for your child to focus on something she has interest in. For Reagan, since January, this has been acting in a play. She has performed in several dance recitals over the years, but has never acted (on stage, that is). With the imagination she possesses and the ability to work well with others, I knew she would be capable of performing, but would nerves or shyness get the best of her?

the stage
Where all the magic happens

I was so proud of her the day she tried out for the play. She knew not a soul that would be trying out. NO ONE. She had never done anything like this before, and so we didn’t even know what she’d need to do to prepare. She was practically breathless when she was saying her lines during tryouts. But she got a part (she ended up playing several parts).

Angel the herald
Angel the herald

The kids practiced twice a week from January through March. That meant between two and ten hours of practice each week. During tech week, the kids practically lived at the theater. We took off from school during tech week so she could focus solely on the production. And it all paid off.

scene 1
Harmonizing with the guards

The play was fantastic, all five times they performed it. All the kids did an amazing job, both on the stage and behind the scenes.

villager scene
You’re no princess anymore, Snapdragon.
singing and dancing
singing and dancing

What I took away from the experience, as a mom: It was heartening to see the all the kids get along. All you hear about today is how kids are so nasty to each other. These kids were all friendly and encouraging. I was encouraged that the director would pray with the kids before and after each practice and held daily devotions during production week practices and performances.

final scene
Ready for battle…with a trumpet

What Reagan took away from the experience: Just trying out helped her overcome her fears and taught her that she’s capable of doing things that may seem scary but will be beneficial in the long run.

. . . I’m not sure why she doesn’t feel the same way about running 5Ks. . .

cast and crew
cast and crew

And now, to remember how life was like before the play took over.
   Not So SAHM

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