They’re so cute!

I love this building. Doing some quick Google research, I believe this is an apartment building. It’s located in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington D.C.

Balconies show off on a Kalorama building in Washington DC Not So SAHM
Balconies – ProjectEdit365 – 18 June

The original, below, was cute enough, but I cropped in to eliminate most of the building on the right. I love the yellow and will feature that in an edit soon, but I wanted to showcase the balconies and the lines so I made it black and white. In Lightroom, when you choose B&W you get to adjust each color individually, which affects the look of the black and white. A lot of time I just decrease the saturation to 0%, but this is probably the better way to make a picture black and white. I increased the clarity just a little bit and then increased the shadows to keep it from getting too dark. It still felt a little dark to me so I increased the highlights a bit.


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