There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

. . . and it’s the moon. My telephoto lens needs repairs so all I had to take a picture of the super moon with was my 17-55mm lens. I propped it onto the tripod and went outside.

And there were clouds everywhere.

I was so disappointed. Until I realized the clouds add a lot of drama and dimension to the picture. It’s nowhere near a great shot of the moon, but the editing makes it pretty dramatic. And you can almost pick out a fibonacci spiral in the clouds.

The super moon peeks out from behind the clouds. Not So SAHM

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel – ProjectEdit365 – 16 Nov

I lowered the contrast and darkened the shadows while increasing the clarity and the saturation. I was thinking about going black and white, but like the nebulous look the color in the cloud gives the photo. I used a radial filter to help separate the moon and cloud opening and give it a little more dimension. I sharpened it and reduced the noise. Here’s the original:



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