Project Edit 365 is migrating

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve reached the 3MB limit of media storage that WordPress allows for free blogs! I’m not sure why I didn’t create a separate blog for P.E.365 when I began this project. I guess I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead to the finish.

I’ve got a month and a half left to go of daily editing and I need more space — so these past two days I created a separate blog for Project Edit 365 and I have migrated all of the posts over to there.

That’s all my posts and pictures, packed away and moving to the new blog.

As of today I’m going to delete the previous months’ posts and pictures from this blog so I can free up the space here. I think I still plan to post my edits here first and then transfer them over to the P.E.365 blog, because that would be easier for my readers.

BUT, if you are feeling generous, click on Project Edit 365 to go over there and follow me there. 🙂


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