Moving on

up! To the east side… WE GOT THE HOUSE! The owners accepted our rental application including the request to add more lighting. We signed the lease today and all that’s left is for the owners to sign. We hope to hear final confirmation tomorrow. The only down side to this is that our move inContinue reading “Moving on”

Old fashioned

I’m old fashioned to a point. I believe in manners, chivalry, that prints and plaids do not mix no matter what Lucky (or Harper’s for that matter) is trying to tell you. I also believe in common courtesy, which should manifest itself both inside the store and out on the sidewalks. There’s no doubt that customerContinue reading “Old fashioned”

Gettin’ some culture

We took a break from house hunting today and went into the city. A friend recommended the Newseum so we drove in to check that out. Traffic wasn’t bad and we actually found a street with plenty of parking just one street over from the museum. We ended up across the street at the National Gallery of ArtContinue reading “Gettin’ some culture”