Status update

So many things going on. So many stories to be blogged and yet I can’t bring my sorry, tired self to open up the computer at night. I am itching to getting back to posting more regularly. There are so many funny things that happen each day. Funny to me so therefore I want to tellContinue reading “Status update”

Culture, Fever and Keys

Yesterday we went with some friends to see a children’s ballet and an interactive opera. Both were really good and the ballet made Reagan wish she could dance en pointe and perform on stage. The opera made me wish I could sing in this huge falsetto and project my voice so far that I wouldn’tContinue reading “Culture, Fever and Keys”

Vandalism and shoplifting, I do it all

Can someone please tell me they become a little scatterbrained when they have busy days? Try throwing two kids in the mix and a temp of about 289 with 100% humidity. I know some people rely on their phones and day planners (of which I have both) but, whatever. Who needs that when you’re only goingContinue reading “Vandalism and shoplifting, I do it all”

Moving on

up! To the east side… WE GOT THE HOUSE! The owners accepted our rental application including the request to add more lighting. We signed the lease today and all that’s left is for the owners to sign. We hope to hear final confirmation tomorrow. The only down side to this is that our move inContinue reading “Moving on”