Homeschooling Resources

Here’s a quick look at some of the resources I use most often.

Home School Legal Defense Association – HSLDA – info on legal issues, nationwide and state-by-state

Donna Young – GREAT for getting yourself organized. Calendars, planners, grades/attendance charts. . . you name it, she has it. (This site used to be free, but as of the fall of 2015 there is a subscription charge. Right now there are two subscription levels, and I’m not sure what either gets you.)

Cathy Duffy Reviews – Reviews on 100s if not 1000s of homeschool resources

These are the ones I use year in and year out. Love them!

Tapestry of Grace – A comprehensive curriculum covering history (chronologically), literature, art, writing, geography, church history (and in high school: government and philosophy). The period of history you’re studying becomes your unit and you basically do a unit study that encompasses much of your school subjects.

Easy Grammar/Daily Grams – We love the method she uses of learning to identify prepositional phrases first…everything else in the sentence is pretty easy to identify and label once that’s taken care of.

All About Spelling – GREAT spelling program that incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods for teaching phonics and spelling.

Apologia – Known for their science courses, they also cover other subjects. Theirs is a notebooking style of learning.


The Bluedorns provide great insight into a classical christian education. Start out reading the Articles for Beginners. then peruse the rest.

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