Roadschooling is doing school on the go (probably technically while traveling); wherever you are, taking the opportunity to learn, and making opportunities. There are three reasons I love this term so much.

  1. We live a busy, on the go lifestyle.
  2. I’m forever encouraging my left-brained self to think like a right-brainer and take advantage of all the opportunities there are out there to school, beyond the four walls of our office/school room.
  3. We’re going to be traveling a lot in the next year or two. . . or three. I better be pretty comfortable with teaching on the road.

I have several goals with the girls’ schooling:

  1. To learn things
  2. To enjoy learning those things
  3. To become engaged, productive members of society doing whatever God has planned for them.

There’s a huge world out there waiting to be explored! Books are, of course, important in education, but so much can be learned by living everyday life.

I’m kind of an inside-the-box thinker. It’s so easy to pick a boxed curriculum, pull it off the shelf, and do what it says. 180 days of learning, done. But that doesn’t really mirror real life. We are constantly learning new things. When something interests us, we do what’s in our power to find out more. I want my girls to feel this way about their education. There’s no getting around learning multiplication, division, nouns, and adjectives, but even the mundane subjects can be taught in a way that will engage the learner.

My goal is to make the best of the next several years and all the opportunities God is giving us to expand our girls’ knowledge.



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