Modes of transport

When a picture is busy I like turning it into black and white. It simplifies. Although it’s fun to look at the picture and study everything. I increased the clarity and contrast (which I also like to do on urban shots, it seems), and lightened the shadows and blacks (which upping the contrast tends toContinue reading “Modes of transport”


Once again – lines. Why have a boring grate when you can have a geometric one? The original wasn’t much different. I made it black and white and increased the clarity. I decreased the contrast to be able to see some of the metal of the grate underneath. I increased the highlights and whites and madeContinue reading “Grate”

Urban Wildlife

I would love to know the life story behind the person who designed this little set up. I found this in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of D.C. There’s so much going here (including a No Hunting or Fishing sign…). The original was underexposed and too sharp. I increased the exposure and decreased the contrast toContinue reading “Urban Wildlife”


Now a pharmacy, it used to be a . . .  (I can’t quite read the letters underneath) The original lacked contrast so I increased that and the clarity. I also increased the highlights and lightened the shadows. I adjusted the blue color a little and added a little vignette. I think doing all thisContinue reading “Layers”


I love urban photography. I don’t get out and shoot in urban settings as much as I’d like. Several years ago a friend and I went on a group “photo safari” to Adams Morgan in DC. I was so excited tonight when I looked through the next batch of June pics to find some to edit.Continue reading “Spoke”