Home Run!

Front-yard baseball – where bases are made out of frisbees and there are only three players so there really aren’t teams. Or else, it’s girls against Daddy. Our youngest has the ability, just like her dad, to pick up quickly any sport she tries. Here she’s knocking one out of the park!

Young girl swings and hits a softball with a soft bat. Not So SAHM

Home Run! – ProjectEdit365 – 14 Jan

The original had good light but still needed some adjustments done. Head over to Project Edit 365 to see the original and the edits I did. Thanks!

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The Nats’ baseball stadium is one of the best out there. Says she who has visited maybe five stadiums. I’m a little biased. It’s got great views, amazing food choices, and the giant-headed presidents. What’s your favorite stadium?

Silver baseballs line the outside of the Nationals' baseball stadium in Washington D.C. Not So SAHM

Strike! – ProjectEdit365 – 12 July

At first I cloned out the smoke stacks and then realized I didn’t like all that space. So I cropped in to focus on the movement of the baseballs. I decreased the contrast and increased the clarity. Lightened up the shadows. At this point the sky was dull so I increased the vibrancy, but it brought out too much yellow in the building. So, I went to the blue slider and increased the saturation. There was a bit of noise so I decreased that and then added a small vignette. Here’s the original:


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