Name this architecture

I missed yesterday’s post, but with good reason. We headed out into the Everglades of South Florida last night to try to catch some of the Perseid meteor shower. We saw about a dozen between us, but I don’t think any were actually from Perseid. Either way, they were amazing and beautiful! So, here isContinue reading “Name this architecture”

The Headless Saint

Saint Denis – Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I learned that, in art, those who are carrying their heads are called “cephalophores“. The original was dark with too much going on. I cropped in and lowered the saturation to zero to make it black and white. I increased the contrast and clarity. I increased theContinue reading “The Headless Saint”

Schloss Hohenschwangau

The childhood home of King Ludwig. Looking out from Neuschwanstein you see this view. Just imagine that the roads and parking lots aren’t carved into the forest. With the sun setting in the upper right corner of the picture, it made it hard to lower the exposure of the sky without making the clouds lookContinue reading “Schloss Hohenschwangau”

Fairytale Castle

And when you think of fairytale castles, you think of this one: King Ludwig’s Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria with its bucolic backdrop. The original was good, but I wanted to give it more of a fairytale book look. I immediately went to my Lightroom presets that I have loaded and chose CoffeShop’s Velvet Butter. BecauseContinue reading “Fairytale Castle”

Festwoche (festweek)

The Germans know how to party. This was during Partenkirchen’s Festwoche when everyone makes their way to the fest tents. Traditional dressĀ is optional, but as you can see, popular with the younger set. I *loved* catching all these guys sitting next to each other. They weren’t still for long! PROST! The original was pretty muchContinue reading “Festwoche (festweek)”


Or maybe Garmisch, at the base of the Alps, is what you think about when you hear German countryside. The original was flat and dull. I used several adjustment filters to work on the mountains in the distance, the green trees in the distance, and the trees in the foreground. Overall I upped the saturationContinue reading “Garmisch-Partenkirchen”