Festwoche (festweek)

The Germans know how to party. This was during Partenkirchen’s Festwoche when everyone makes their way to the fest tents. Traditional dress is optional, but as you can see, popular with the younger set. I *loved* catching all these guys sitting next to each other. They weren’t still for long!


At least six young men sit side to side in a German fest tent, all wearing traditional suspenders. Not So SAHM

Festweek – ProjectEdit365 – 08 Aug

The original was pretty much just as blurry, but a little lopsided. I cropped in a little to remove the distracting sign on the table. I increased the vibrancy just a little and decreased the contrast and clarity. If the picture is already blurry, might as well decrease the clarity a bit to make it not so obvious. . . I also added just a little vignette. The original:


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