Somewhat Selfie

Moms are rarely in family pics because they’re behind the camera. Every once in a while I’ll set the camera up on a tripod and try to get some shots with me in the frame. This was taken in 2011 – we all look so much younger!

Mom sits with her two daughters, all looking at a computer screen. Not So SAHM

Somewhat Selfie – ProjectEdit365 – 13 Nov

And editing definitely helps with skin tone! I cropped in and turned it to black and white to take away the color, which can be distracting. I increased the contrast and clarity. But women usually don’t need any clarity added to their skin, so I used an adjustment brush and decreased the clarity on my face. There was also a blemish on my nose that I cloned out. Here is the original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

We’re home!

We’re home! After a 4 and a half hour delay and threats of cancelling the flight we took off from Orlando and landed safely in Kansas City. While we were flying over Alabama the captain warned us of turbulent weather and had the crew suspend in-flight service. The turbulence wasn’t bad at all. The way they were acting I expected the plane to do some acrobatics. However, I see on the news today that there were several tornadoes in Alabama yesterday. We flew through the aftermath of that. (On a side note, the tornadoes hit Pratville, which is west Montgomery and where we were thinking about renting a house).

We went from shorts weather to layers-upon-layers weather. It was sunny and warm in Florida, it is cold, windy, cloudy and grey in Missouri. Why am I happy to be home? BECAUSE…we have NEW FLOORS!!! New floors people! While we were gone our landlords (and friends) had the kitchen, dining room, hallway, bathrooms and laundry room redone. The house was nice before, now it’s like coming home to a brand new house.

So, today is unpacking and moving furniture around. Both are like Christmas for me. We bought so much new stuff in Florida it’s like unwrapping presents. And getting to move furniture around is something I enjoy doing about every six to nine months. It’s a good thing we move often. I can change houses instead of having to buy new things every couple of years. Now, my house has changed for me and my regular furniture will look great on the new floors.

Lots of love and prayers go out to those who suffered in the storms yesterday. And lots of warm feelings to us since we have to get used to winter again.