I need your help…

This is another installment of the homeschool posts, but I promise, you can help me even if you don’t homeschool. The first issue I need help with concerns time management. The second issue concerns yummy things for lunch. Summer is coming and we’re getting ready to move. Both of those things always make me more introspective about our lifestyle and what needs to change for our next assignment and school year.


For a while now…well, actually ever since she was born (there hasn’t been a day when she’s understood what it means to work within a schedule) we have had trouble getting Reagan to understand time management. I’ll give a little background and then ask for your help.

We do not know how to teach Reagan about time management. She has morning and evening chores to do and it takes her forever to do them. I’m almost not kidding. In the morning she has to take a shower (every other day), make her bed, brush her teeth, brush her hair, get dressed and pick up anything in her room that wasn’t picked up the night before. On days when she doesn’t have to take a shower that should take all of fifteen minutes and I think I’m being generous. You can rest assured that she’s never seen this side of fifteen minutes getting her chores done. The evening is somewhat similar.

If I ask her to do something during the day and let her know that it needs to be done quickly or that she can’t take her time on it guess what she does. She ends up getting distracted and losing focus. During school we see the same issue. It is so hard for her to keep her focus for very long during any subject except when I’m reading to her.

Yes she’s still young, but that can only be an excuse for about, oh, two seconds. There are plenty of kids her age who have to get up at a certain time and get ready to be at the bus stop at a certain time or else.

I’m wondering if we’re not being structured enough when asking her to understand structure. I don’t require her to get up at a certain time in the morning, although she always wakes up around the same time. I try to be flexible during the day because I want homeschool to be enjoyable (while still learning), AND I have a two year old you may have read about on this blog. It’s not easy. In fact, I used to be more structured about school and we were both miserable. Is she just not at the maturity level yet to get that I can allow our day to be flexible while individual tasks during the day still need to be done with focus and expediency?

WHAT DO YOU DO OR WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO TEACH YOUR CHILD TIME MANAGEMENT and what consequences have you used? I feel like we’ve nagged enough. I’m over hearing myself talk and nag and control and scold and warn. Right now we use a chart and a timer, but they don’t seem to be making much of an impact.


I am so sick of lunchtime. I dread it each day because I’m tired of peanut butter and jelly; tortillas and Nutella; chicken nuggets and cheese sticks. I’m looking for some cool things to have midday. Obviously I will not have a lot of time right around lunch to prepare them, but I’m willing to make sure I have the ingredients on hand to get things made. I would like our meals and snacks to be healthy(ier than what they’ve been) and I don’t want to have to do cutesy stuff like use sundae glasses or dye food green.

So, before I start searching the internet and pouring through magazines: WHAT ARE FOODS THAT YOU SERVE FOR LUNCH? It could be as simple as beans and rice because that’s different than what I’m doing now. All I’m looking for is ideas that I can then implement into a plan.

Thank you for your suggestions,