Lines of Wisdom

Don’t judge me because of my lines and curves and wrinkles. There’s a wisdom that comes with them. Relax under my canopy and I will teach you. I definitely envisioned this in black and white when I took the picture. So I changed it to black and white and adjusted the different levels to get aContinue reading “Lines of Wisdom”


Named after a 17th-century Icelandic poet. Climb to the top for an amazing view of Reykjavik. The edit was pretty simple for this one – I wanted to bring out the lines and the texture of the brick. I was happy with the composition, so I made it black and white and increased the contrastContinue reading “Hallgrimskirkja”


This is the yellow on the building with the balconies that I posted about yesterday. I love the lines! I want to live in the building just because the outside is so neat. You can see the building bowing that the lens creates in the original picture below. The dark line on the bottom looks likeContinue reading “Yellow”