Pet Donkey and Juxtaposition

When your pet donkey is the only thing you have.

We went Mexico on a mission trip. We visited this neighborhood, I can’t remember the name, to deliver basic supplies. When I took this picture I was focused on the donkey and his rope lead. I don’t think I noticed the neighborhoods on the hill in the background. I can’t imagine what these people think when they see those neighborhoods looking down on them, and I can’t imagine what the people in those hilltop neighborhoods think when they look down into the valley.

A donkey stands with a rope lead in a destitute neighborhood with a wealthy neighborhood on a hilltop in the distance. Not So SAHM

Juxtaposition – ProjectEdit365 – 26 Oct

The original needed to be cropped a bit to get rid of much of the dirt and draw the eye from the donkey to the hilltop neighborhoods. I increased the exposure and clarity and lightened the shadows. I decreased the contrast, highlights, and blacks. I increased the vibrance of the blue in the sky and decreased the noise. Here’s the original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Tacos El Paisano

When you’re traveling, it’s good to get pictures of the local life. This picture has so much detail and you can tell so much just by looking around. What I noticed that you can’t really tell though is that I was in Mexico! Most of the signage that catches your eye is in English! I guess it’s a touristy town. Anyway, if you’re ever in Rosarito, Mexico, you must get some tacos from this corner open-air restaurant. They are the best tacos I’ve ever had (and so cheap!).

Two chefs fix tacos at a street corner open restaurant in Rosarito, Mexico. Not So SAHM

Tacos El Paisano – ProjectEdit365 – 25 Oct

The original was dark so I lightened it (taken with an iphone). I increased the vibrance and used an adjustment brush to tone down the redness of the meat on the spit. I didn’t want to adjust too much because I want it to be true to life. Here’s the original:


~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

Small tienda in the dump town in Tijuana, Mexico Not So SAHM

The Workers are Few

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Jesus told us to go out into the world spreading the Good News.

But can people hear the News over the loud rumblings in their bellies?*

Can they drink in the Living Water when the water they have isn’t fit to drink?


We attempted to be the hands and feet of Jesus, even if just for a week, down in Mexico.

Mexican Flag at border Tijuana, Mexico  Not So SAHM

In Tijuana, there is a town that is built in what used to be the city dump. The dump closed down, leaving the residents with no means of income. They build their houses with what they can find.

Tijuana Dump Town  Not So SAHM

Tijuana Dump Town, Mexico  Not So SAHM

What you and I see as trash, or an old billboard poster, becomes a roof and the sides of a dwelling.

Using anything as a rooftop in Tijuana dump town  Not So SAHM

Tires are foundational.

Using tires as foundation walls in the dump town in Tijuana, Mexico  Not So SAHM

There were actually several tiendas in the dump town.

Small tienda in the dump town in Tijuana, Mexico  Not So SAHM

If they can’t get it here, like fresh drinking water, they must climb steps. Climb up with babies in your arms. Climb down with babies and gallons of water.

Climb the stairs to go buy fresh water in Tijuana dump town  Not So SAHM

Some families can’t afford fresh water so they feed their babies bottles of soda. Soda is cheaper.


But God’s beauty still breaks through.

Graffiti and flowers in the Tijuana Dump Town  Not So SAHM

And for those who are willing, beauty and civility can be created even in the direst situation.

This family has potted plants:

Making the dump houses nice  Not so SAHM

This family has landscaping and a hedge:

Making a yard out of a wasteland in Tijuana Dump Town  Not So SAHM


We spent time serving. Literally serving breakfast to the residents. Also by helping to build a trench for a community center that a church, located in the dump, is building.

Building a trench at the dump town in Tijuana, Mexico  Not So SAHM

Building a trench in Tijuana Dump Town  Not So SAHM

There are people who are devoting more than just a week out of their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Locals and foreigners are working side by side to help meet needs so that the Gospel can be preached and heard.

What can we do? We are just a small family. Some hands and feet that don’t quite know yet how God wants to use us. But we can’t just sit around waiting for Him to drop a message from on high.

Why wait when there are things that need to be done now.

If God tells us, during the middle of serving, that He’d rather us be somewhere else, well, we can go do that something else then. In the meantime, we can do. . . things. Anything.

I ended the week wondering if I had really done enough down there. If the figurative seeds I had planted helping to serve amounted to even just a little. Was it really worth it? Yes. God can and will still use that for good.

And seeds are beginning to spring up inside me.

Live beyond yourself. Serve others.

Jesus statue near Rosarito, Mexico Not So SAHM

  Not So SAHM

*It struck me as I was writing that sentence – can people here the News over the loud rumblings in their bellies – it struck me that it’s probably just as hard for people to understand and know Jesus when their bellies are so full that they lack nothing. Both extreme poverty and wealth (of varying degrees) can drown the calling of Jesus.

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