Pet Donkey and Juxtaposition

When your pet donkey is the only thing you have. We went Mexico on a mission trip. We visited this neighborhood, I can’t remember the name, to deliver basic supplies. When I took this picture I was focused on the donkey and his rope lead. I don’t think I noticed the neighborhoods on the hill in theContinue reading “Pet Donkey and Juxtaposition”

Tacos El Paisano

When you’re traveling, it’s good to get pictures of the local life. This picture has so much detail and you can tell so much just by looking around. What I noticed that you can’t really tell though is that I was in Mexico! Most of the signage that catches your eye is in English! IContinue reading “Tacos El Paisano”

The Workers are Few

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Jesus told us to go out into the world spreading the Good News. But can people hear the News over the loud rumblings in their bellies?* Can they drink in the Living Water when the water they have isn’t fit to drink? ~~~ We attempted toContinue reading “The Workers are Few”