California Farmland

When you think of California, the first thoughts aren’t of lush farmland. At least, not when I think of California. Much of the area surrounding Monterey is produce. Much of the land in the middle of lower California is orchards (like my territorial designations?). And a lot of the land we drove through on the way to the redwoods looked like Virginia!

This picture was taken in the morning on our way south back to Monterey.

Cows eating peacefully in a green field in Northern California. Not So SAHM

California Cows – ProjectEdit365 – 28 Nov

I took this with an iPhone, in a moving car. I think I at least rolled down the window. The original picture isn’t too bad considering those conditions, but I wanted to add a little bit more ambiance for the peaceful cows. 🙂 I cropped to straighten and remove the road. With the new Lightroom CC that I recently downloaded you have the option to reduce haze. OR you can do the opposite and ADD haze, which is what I did. I also reduced the saturation of the blues so the sky wouldn’t be so obvious and I added some grain. Here’s the original:


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