Thingvellir Church

Thingvellir National Park in Iceland is one of the coolest places on earth. It’s where the North American and European tectonic plates meet and it’s also where the first parliament ever in the world met. . . sometime around 930 AD. Today, the cutest little church sits along the river.

A church sits along the river at Thingvellir National Park - where two tectonic plates meet and where the first parliament in the world met. Not So SAHM

Thingvellir Church – ProjectEdit365 – 03 Aug

The original was a little dull. I cropped in to frame the church better. I also increased the vibrancy, clarity, and contrast a little bit. I used adjustment brushes to give more contrast to the mountains in the background, and to sharpen the rocks in the foreground. The original:


And, now that I’m comparing the two here, I see that I should have either cropped out the car or cloned it out. Oops! 🙂

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First look into Jackson Hole valley

We traveled across country last May. I’ll probably end up editing a lot of pictures this month from that trip. One of those trips of a lifetime.

Jackson Hole, the Tetons, and Yellowstone were absolutely amazing! This was our first view of the area as we crossed over from Idaho into Wyoming – on WY22, the Teton Pass Hwy.

Beautiful green valley in Wyoming looking towards Jackson Hole NotSoSAHM

Wyoming – ProjectEdit365 – 01May

The original was magnificent but needed some more contrast and more vibrant colors. I also lightened up the foreground just a touch.



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