Quick thoughts…

These are mainly for my Christian readers, but really, they could apply to anyone’s life.

Whatever there may be in life; be it relationships, friendships, habits, pleasures, indulgences, whatever things those are, if they hinder your walk with God, if they make the reading of the Bible more dull, and your prayer life more dead, and the reality of eternity more dim, they should be cut loose.  Greg Laurie in The Next Step: A Message on Discipleship

Everything we do and say is in the presence of God and everything we do and say may shape other’s perceptions of God.  Pastor Shawn of Morningview Baptist Church

To deny oneself means to give up your will and desires to accept Jesus’ lordship. Jesus has lordship over us because He purchased us. We are no longer our own. It means not to settle for just being yourself (as in, “well, that’s just who I am”). Pastor Shawn of Morningview Baptist Church

I’ve been thinking about these quotes a lot lately. I know I definitely need to work on these things in my life (the plank in my own eye), but I think they could benefit other Christians as well (the speck in theirs). As a Christian, can you say that everything you do and say is exemplary and an honor to God? Your actions and words, written and spoken, bear a lot of weight for those who see, hear and read them. We should always be thinking about the Kingdom and the work that needs to be done. We should always be conscious of the discipleship we’re doing, whether it’s for the good and for the good of the Kingdom, or the bad and the detriment of the Kingdom. Because, face it, we’re always influencing people. We will never do this perfectly but we should strive to make it easier and easier each day. Convicted, I am. And I hope that if you are a Christian these quotes are morsels you can take and ponder over the next couple of days.

Who are we trying to serve? Ourselves or Christ?