Day 3 – Spaced Out

Thank you, Du, for again diming me out in the comment section of the previous post. 

Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast! The day can begin!

We left St. Augustine and headed down to Titusville to visit the Kennedy Space Center.

Vehicle Assembly BuildingHere is the Vehicle Assembly Building from the bridge going to Merritt Island and the KSC.

Do not believe NASA when they say they are running out of money for the space program. We know for a fact that they make enough money in one day from the KSC Visitor Center to fund a shuttle launch a month. We funded one whole mission ourselves. Check this out:

  • Entrance Fee – $110.24 – (Yes, that’s right. Who do they think they are? Disney World?)
  • Freeze dried ice cream – $12.69 – (The main reason Reagan was excited to come here. And this was for only three packs that weighed about half an ounce total.)
  • Lunch – $31.74 – (two bbq pork sandwiches, a hot dog, apple juice and two cokes)
  • Souvenirs – $27.89 – (2 pins, a patch, a magnet and a post card)
  • Something or another should be priceless right here, but apparently everything has a price, and a high one at KSC.

Space IcecreamA new product: Space Ice Cream Cookie. Freeze dried and everything.

While we were paying NASA’s bills we had a lot of fun. I did the Shuttle Launch Experience (only for people above 48″ so Du took the girls to see a full-size model of a shuttle). I got to feel what the astronauts feel as they are blasted off the surface of the earth. All I can say is awesome and sign me up.

We sat through this horribly cheesy performance that tried to make the laws of science fun. The two girls on stage were trying to dance and sing about Newton’s three laws of motion. The 3D was even bad. I ended up laughing at them instead of with them. I tried to make it sound like I was laughing at appropriate moments in their act, but that was hard. Then we sat through a really cool IMAX movie about landing on the moon. Tom Hanks narrated it and it was in real 3-D. Ashlyn tried to pull the Mystery Science Theater 3000 thing again but soon fell asleep in my arms.

One of the coolest parts was sitting through a NASA briefing on the launch tomorrow. I felt like part of the press corps and almost started shouting out questions: “Can you explain the reason why we’re funding your mission with our entrance fee and we can’t even get up close an personal with the shuttle?” “When are you going to allow a homeschooling mom to take a ride?” “Is there any truth behind the adult diapers rumor?” Oh. Wait. Did I say that out loud? We got out of it what you normally get out of a briefing…not much of anything. There’s a large chance the launch will be scrubbed tomorrow, but he gave us hope by saying that he thinks it will still be a go. We’ll hang onto whatever we can get.

Ok, is it just us? Does everyone else stay in classy places like us when they use Priceline? While checking us in the hotel clerk gave me a map of the hotel complex and began diagramming where we were to drive, park, walk up our luggage. What? Walk up the luggage? I asked: “Where’s the elevator?” He replied: “We don’t have an elevator, but there are only 12 steps so it shouldn’t be bad. I can’t move you down to the first floor, we’re full because of the launch tomorrow.” Uh, ok. Do you offer bell hop services?

Dinner tonight was at “World Famous” Dixie Crossroads. You’ve heard of it, right? The wait was about 30 minutes and our expectations were high. There was a cool place to wait outside the restaurant: a wooden deck with a pond below where you could pay to feed the pet fish…I hope they were pet fish. We didn’t feed the fish. I had the “Extra-Special Treat” and it was worth every penny of the close to $2 per shrimp it cost. Here’s the write up:

Try our large Wild Ocean Shrimp, hand breaded, rolled in shredded coconut, fried golden brown and served with sweet plum and orange marmalade dipping sauces; or filled with Maryland-style crabmeat stuffing; or wrapped in hickory-smoked bacon.

The Extra-Special Treat had four of each. YUMMO! (as Rachel Ray would say, and I’ll never say that again). Du had a combo of scallops, rock shrimp and a crab cake. His was delish too. H.o.w.e.v.e.r. . . we could barely make it out of the restaurant. We felt like foundering horses we had stuffed ourselves so full.  Ashlyn somewhat behaved herself and was oddly picky about what she wanted to eat. For some reason (maybe because she gets half her genes from me) she only wanted the appetizer of sweet corn fritters that were covered in mounds of powdered sugar.

Oh yeah, we were having lunch and discussing the amusing folly that was the Mad Science Theater (the cheesy show about the laws of science). Reagan got to hold one of the planets during that segment and she was trying to remember which one. She knew it was the second to last one, because there was only one boy in the audience behind her that got to hold a planet. She was asking, “is it Pluto? What was it? Neptune? Mom, which was it?” Du steps in here to offer his assistance, and this is usually put to the form of more questions for Reagan to figure out the answer on her own. He asked, “What’s the name of Ariel’s Father?” thinking the answer to be, and fully expecting “Neptune.” Without missing a beat Reagan yells out, “Triton!” Nice try honey, I almost spit my food all over you again.

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One thought on “Day 3 – Spaced Out

  1. Vicki forgot a few things about the KSC. Although expensive, it was awesome and definitely worth going too. We saw a show on the contributions of robots to space exploration and I got to see about 10 rockets and sit in several models of space modules. Wow – those were small. Nothing like orbiting earth then landing in the ocean in a something with less room in it than a bathtub.
    They also had a cool playground that Reagan loved and Ashlyn climbed up a slide backwards; a rebel at 12 months old 🙂
    Triton: isn’t that the Greek version of Neptune? 🙂

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