Chalky Hands

The girls used to love to draw on the sidewalks with chalk. Colorful hands were a common occurrence. What is so interesting about this is that Ash, my youngest, doesn’t normally like to get her hands dirty. Here though, she was proud of her multi-colored artwork. The original was too warm, so I cooled itContinue reading “Chalky Hands”

Tea Time

Time with Daddy is always special. Now that they’re older, the girls go on Daddy Dates. When they were younger though, play time was special time with Daddy. And he’s good at playing with them too. I don’t have a great imagination and am just not very good at doing that kind of play forContinue reading “Tea Time”

Blue Eyes Pouting

She wasn’t happy about getting dressed up to go out in the snow. Who knows why. But once we got her out there–building snowmen; on the sled; building a snow fort–she had a great time. Me, on the other hand–I was out just long enough to get some snaps and then I ran back insideContinue reading “Blue Eyes Pouting”


They were intent on exploring new lands, Conquering fears and overcoming obstacles, Then it was time for dinner. The original (taken by a friend). I straightened the horizon, cropped and went black and white. ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~Continue reading “Explorers”

How To Imprison Your Child

How in the world! Ashlyn has begun not to climb onto things, but to crawl underneath things. And she tends to get stuck in those places she tries to crawl under. Do you see the baker’s rack in the background of the photo? Notice that there’s only a 4 or 5 inch clearance from theContinue reading “How To Imprison Your Child”

Guest Post from my better half

I’m handing over the blog reins to my husband for a post. Many of you have seen his handywork in the comments of some of my posts, setting the record straight where I “obviously” needed to be corrected. Now, without further ado–unedited, unfiltered (obviously, since there are glaring half-truths about me): Our Saturday (through the eyes of theContinue reading “Guest Post from my better half”