Day 11 – Disney MGM

Rise and shine at 0600 again, like everyday this week. Heather commented to me last night that she’s not sure how I get the energy to do this. I’m not sure either, but I do know that it’s fading. The first two mornings I woke up before my alarm went off, and I even got out of bed too instead of waiting for the alarm. Since then though the alarm has startled my deeply sleeping mind into consciousness and each day it’s getting harder to drag myself out of bed. Once I get going I’m fine, but it’s no longer fun and exciting to get up, get ready, get the girls ready and be out of the house by 0800. Maybe tomorrow will be different since it’s Reagan’s last surprise.

Today we did MGM. The park is small in size like Animal Kingdom. There were a lot of things there we weren’t interested in because the subject matter wouldn’t please all in attendance. There was one show we missed that we wished we could have seen and one show we saw we wished we could have missed (the adults feel this way at least). We missed a huge stunt show that included cars, sets, water, explosions, everything. That would have been cool to see. We sat through and barely tolerated the Ariel show. Du & I couldn’t believe how horrible it was. Reagan however loved it. We all loved the Beauty & The Beast performance. Besides the finale it was the best.

The first show we did was a big hit with Reagan as well. We took part in Playhouse Disney. Ashlyn almost got us kicked out though. We were sitting on the floor in the front row. There’s a HUGE yellow line painted on the floor, which you are clearly not supposed to cross. Ashlyn is either color blind, or doesn’t understand this yet. She not only crawled past the yellow line but proceeds to try to climb the steps to get up on stage. Don’t look at me, Du was the closer parent. I’m the video/camera girl, Du’s the kid wrangler. After nasty looks from the crew that are strategically placed around the stage to prevent this we promptly place her in some type of head lock to make her stay back until the show started.

A at Playhouse Disney The culprit in action

During the parade Ashlyn tried to pull the same thing. She was sitting with Du behind Reagan and me. He was watching her too, but looked away for a second and she bolted for the four inch gap between Reagan and the lady sitting next to her. Remember, I’m the camera/video girl. I had the video camera going in my right hand and the still camera going in my left (I’m talented like that) so I had no clue that she was about to join the parade. I hear Du yell, “Ashlyn!” as he reaches up and grabs her back.

nap climber I was trying to rest before the parade, to get some of my energy back. Ashlyn made sure that didn’t happen though.

That’s not all of her antics for today. While we were waiting in one line she shoved the lady in front of us. Fortunately she’s pretty cute so the lady only laughed. Later, at another attraction, she leaned over and pulled a ladies hair. Once again, only laughter. This won’t last for too much longer though. I think I’m going to start pointing at Du and blaming it on him. Teehee.

We found out how the kid swap deal is supposed to really work today. I got in line for the Star “Tours” ride and Du sat outside the doors with the girls. Once I rode the ride he handed me the girls, I exited and he got to ride the ride. No extra waiting in line. BONUS! While Du was waiting with the girls someone handed him a Million Dreams Fast Pass with six fast pass tickets on it. That would have been a major score if it weren’t for two things: we’d already been to 3 of the 6 attractions, and this park isn’t one that we wanted to use fast passes. It was a nice gesture anyway. We have a cool souvenir now.

After that ride they make you go through the Star Wars gift shop (you’re forced through a gift shop after every ride. I can’t believe how gullible some parents are). I can’t tell you how long Du spent in there, I think I passed out once or twice waiting. He was like a kid in a candy shop…or like me in Sephora. He ended up with one mug. Who actually needs one more mug though? Du rotates his though, do you?

We were taking a tour of the Disney sets and special effects when we got something we didn’t plan on. We were standing in front of this pool of water where they were demonstrating how they make explosions in the water, etc. An explosion went off and water shot everywhere…not on us though because we were standing in the back row. I, however, started feeling wetness on my side. It was the side of me that was holding Ashlyn…she was peeing on me. How’s that for timing special effects? I guess her diaper wasn’t fastened correctly, you’d think I’d know how to do that by now. I made Du carry her after that and so he got soaked as well.

We had another exciting moment when we saw Snow White signing autographs and taking pictures. We walk up and get in line. The character “body guard” gets in line behind us and starts denying everyone else. “This is the last family of the day, people. Snow White is done signing autographs after this family. The line is closed now.” You wouldn’t believe the tricks some families tried to play to have her bend the rules (and this is something <em>they do not bend </em>on.) One lady said to her kids, “well, it’s your last day at the parks kids, your last day in Florida, looks like you’re not going to get Snow White’s autograph.” This was told to the kids after she tried telling the body guard that she had a hard time getting the kids up from laying on some benches for two hours waiting on their grandparents<em>. What</em>? At a theme park? Whatever. Some people tried to slip in between us and the body guard but she quickly shooed them away.

The last show of the day is supposedly the best  of the four parks. Fantasmic is a water, pyrotechnic, musical and character display of wonder. It was neat how the spray of water became the screen for the video. They would play parts of Fantasia (or whatever it’s called) and then show that live with all the special effects. It was really cool…and it was cold outside so the spray of water that was hitting our faces wasn’t really appreciated by me.

We’re at Panera tonight and I haven’t stopped having internet problems. I think I’d rather be at McDonalds paying for my internet. So, goodnight for tonight. Didn’t really edit this, so hopefully it’s manageable.

Lost in Translation Lost In Translation. We saw this while waiting to enter the park. It’s on an Asian sweater.

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2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Disney MGM

  1. Vicki is generally pretty accurate but I now feel compelled to clear up some of her “oversights”. I admit I liked the Star Wars shop and was in there for 10-15 minutes but I thought it should blend in with the 10-15 hours we spent shopping in shops she and Reagan picked. 🙂 As for the camera work, I believe she forgets that at all of the character shots, she is the videographer and Reagan usher while I am the still shot artist and Ashlyn maintainer. During parades, I was usually watching both kids while she ignored us and took pictures as evidenced by Ashlyn crawling past her and when I called out “Ashlyn”, there was no movement – she didn’t want to miss a float. So I had to dive forward and rescue Ashlyn from underneath a float tire zooming by at 2 mph. OK, maybe Vicki does not ignore us and Ashlyn was not quite under a tire but Vicki was the kid in the candy shop at parades. 🙂
    The Fantasmic show was very good from an art and technical perspective but the middle portion was very dark with very evil sounds, lighting, and pictures. I covered up Reagan’s eyes for some of it. The beginning and end were great with boats and princesses and Disney characters.

  2. Actually Animal Kingdom is the largest of the Disney Parks. The safari takes up most of the land.

    The stunt show is awesome. We found Beauty and the Beast disappointing but liked the Ariele show.

    I went to Star Tours at Disney Land the year it opened. At the time it was the first ride of that type I had ever seen. It is still fun but rather dated.

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