As promised: Fluff

I’m taking a break from being controversial. But as Rachel reminds me, I’m a tried and true Agnes Scott girl. We like us a little debate.

Onto the fluff!!

I absolutely love this movie and am not quite sure why it’s not in my library of videos right now.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

OH YEAH!!! 1985. This was way before any of these girls were famous because of relational shows, sex shows or bad attitudes.

Helen Hunt was so cool. Who didn’t try to get their hair to stand straight on end, or wonder about the effects a lighter would have with a can of hairspray. Thank goodness Aqua Net was like, pennies a can. I wanted to wear Catholic girl school clothes just to be able to reverse them and have a totally rad outfit.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen this. I wonder if Blockbuster still has it. (please hold while I check Blockbuster online). Not my store. The closest Blockbuster around here that carries GJWTHF is an hour away. Hmmm. Du’s going to be working long hours this weekend. Do I:

  1. Drive an hour to get it and watch it as soon as possible? Or
  2. buy it, wait for it to come in, and then wait even longer to watch it because Du will be off his long hours and most likely won’t want to watch it with me?…

I think the answer will depend on how long Reagan takes to do school today. If she finished soon enough we could travel to Blockbuster, maybe even hit JoAnn and Charlotte Russe. Dinner at the mall and then home with the goods. That leaves tomorrow as girly movie day. The only drawback is that I’d have to travel back up there to return the movie…stupid inventory rules.

Ok, maybe I’ll buy GJWTHF and rent a different movie for this weekend.

First choice:

Elizabeth Movie Highly anticipated (by me) sequel to Elizabeth (my fave). But, alas, my Blockbuster doesn’t carry this one either.

What are some good movies that have come out lately? Preferable chick flick types since I am rarely alone to watch those. I am clueless when it comes to movies. Maybe this is where Rachel would come in handy again.

P.S. I had to include this:


I did not make this (wish I had though). Erin of A Dress A Day linked to this gem. At first I thought it was for a fan of Texas A&M. No, ladies, we all know what this is. And you get extra credit if you’re audacious enough to wear this on Health Class test day. What’s worse absolutely hilarious is that Reagan saw this and said, “it’s a goat skirt! We need to get this because it matches our truck!” (We have a Dodge). Dare I?

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4 thoughts on “As promised: Fluff

  1. HAHA!!! Mooooovieeeessss…..

    Netflix my dear will solve all your problems. Sign up online and have whatever movie you want today on your laptop or tomorrow in your mailbox. I can rent casablanca, cat on a hot tin roof, breakfast club…you name it, they have it. I actually buy movies, rent movies, go see movies and use netflix, but I have an obsessive disorder.

    Suggested girly flicks:

    SHAG, the movie (starring Bridgette Fonda and Phoebe Cates);
    notes on the movie: has drinking, smoking, shagging in two forms and you will have the most fun because it is set in the fifties, so that stuff is not overdone and makes it a little more family friendly. Has great dance scenes.

    Beaches (starring Bette Midler and Barbra Hershey)*;
    notes on the movie: tissues needed, has implications of shagging, adult topic due to death. I think there was an academy award on this one

    Terms of Endearment (starring Shirley McClain & Jack Nicolson)*;
    notes on the movie: tissues needed, shagging, smoking, drinking, little girl growing up, death. academy award

    Something to Talk About (starring Julia Roberts & Dennis Quaid);
    notes on the movie: LOTS of language, very funny, tugs on my independent woman heart, seems like there are some kissing scenes, but I don’t remember any shagging but been a while since I’ve seen it other than tbs.

    Legally Blonde (starring Reese Witherspoon)*;
    notes on movie: very funny, family fun and independent woman empowerment, maybe language? seems like there are sex implications, but i can’t remember why it is rated pg13

    Walk the Line (Reese and Leaf Phoenix)*;
    notes on movie: moving, loving, has drugs, sex, smoking, drinking and country singing (reese actually is a better singer than june carter cash…june is typically known for her humor), but it is good country singing; also won academy awards

    Pride and Prejudice (Kiera Knightly and Matthew McFayden);
    notes on movie: Lovely…pretty family friendly too…I like the mini-series too, but it is really long

    Anne of Green Gable (Megan Follows)*
    notes on movie: family friendly all the way around; is a mini-series and is eight hours long…I used to watch it aaaaalllll theeeee timeeee when I was little because I wanted to grow up and become Anne

    Anne of Avonlea (Megan Follows)* see above; also eight hours, but has a better ending

    Breakfast at Tiffanys (Audrey Hepburn)*
    notes on movie: classic, does have smoking, drinking and great fashion; wish I could have audrey’s style…

    Before Sunrise (Ethan Hawke)
    notes on movie: older movie, sex, smoking and leaves you longing for love. great movie. There is also a second to it called Before Sunset, makes you want to move to Europe

    The Notebook (Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams)
    notes on movie: beware, you will want your husband after watching this love story; very well done love story

    Bull Durham (Kevin Costner & Susan Surrandon)*
    notes on movie: lots of laughs, all about real love versus real sex; gotta love baseball and kisses that last three days

    Dead Man Walking (Susan Surrandon and Sean Penn)*
    notes on movie: makes you want to be a Christian; need lots of tissues; music won an oscar; very violent; heart wrenching; won academy awards

    If you need more, just email me. The * means that I own it, but I own over a hundred movies. Go netflix, best way to go if you ask me.

  2. YES YES YES!!!! GJWTHF is one of my all-time faves…and get this…girl, I even have the SOUNDTRACK! I have that entire movie memorized…quick, what’s Janie’s phone number? 555-4102! I got it bad…and I’m not the least bit ashamed.

    You need to OWN this one. I had it on VHS for years (first saw it at Melissa Hocker’s slumber party in the 6th grade), then traded up to DVD when it was eventually released in that format.

    And ditto to Rachel’s NetFlix recommendation. Living in the middle of nowhere, it’s our lifesaver. I’m currently watching “Van Helsing” right now–well, I’ll get back to it in a few minutes. I rent stuff that I know Scotty could care less about, and then I watch while folding/ironing laundry, which is what I’m tackling this afternoon. And since I have a thing for vampires (I know, I’m bad!) and I hadn’t seen it, I figured VH would be good on a snowy laundry day. Oh–2 nights ago, after the girls were in bed, I watched a good girly one…”Sydney White” starring Amanda Bynes. It’s a modern take on Snow White…very cute and pretty clean for the most part…what I remember, at least. I am a big Amanda Bynes fan, though…she has stayed out of trouble, unlike most of her contemporaries.

    And dude–that skirt ROCKS. But I know if I wore it people would think I was a ‘Horns fan…as if I’d ever betray my beloved Bulldogs. I’m gonna show it to Libbey and see what she thinks of it.

    Finally…hooray for the fluff. I’m working on some fluffiness for my blog, too…

  3. Oh my word… that skirt is hilarious! And I will agree with the Netflix recommendation. We have movies coming all the time… of course most of them are movies that Jonathan picks. Blech. My favorite chick flick right now is Catch and Release… I could literally watch it every single day. Dunno why. And I love GJWTHF! I bought it a few years ago from amazon on dvd…. love it!

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