Weekend Review


My chick flick movie night turned into a girls’ night. AND I was able to find Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Score. Thanks to all of the movie suggestions. Those will be bait for another weekend.

I remembered that in this small town there is another choice besides Blockbuster, two actually. We have a Hastings, and a quick call revealed they indeed had ONE copy of GJWTHF and they’d be happy to hold it for me. I made sure they did, because you know Murphey’s Law. If I hadn’t have had them hold it there would have been a second person in America wanting that movie on that day.

Talked to a friend when I got home. Asked her if she remembered the movie. She had never heard of it before! What?!?! She and another friend (who also was a GJWTHF virgin) ended up coming over. We sat back and had a good evening reminiscing about all things 80s.

DIGRESSION: This movie is the epitome of 80s culture. There were references to Tab and walkmen. They were excited to be watching a 25″ tv. The wardrobe selections were hilarious. And we admitted to wearing all of it: leg warmers, baggy sweatshirts that fell off one shoulder, super tight pants that were tapered at the ankle, scrunched socks, socks with flats, Guess jeans, and the list goes on. I realized while watching this that movies from the 80s had a fascination with synchronized dance scenes. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (another fave), Dirty Dancing, Can’t Buy Me Love (mating ritual dance), Thriller video… Really, what is believable about a bunch of people breaking out into dance and all doing the exact same moves at the exact same time? I’ve always disliked those parts. I realize movies are a fantasy world I’m entering into, but the dance sequences impart even more cheese into otherwise already cheesy (but great, don’t get me wrong) movies.

Reagan had a friend sleep over. They stayed up until midnight, which means I had to stay up even later. I needed me time. Girl time was great and absolutely necessary, but so is me time and therefore I stayed up until 0130. Six year olds and one year olds don’t care how late Mommy stays up.


 Reagan and friend did not sleep as late as they should have seeing that they didn’t go to bed until Saturday anyway. Giggles and noises escaped her room starting at 0700…and then screams and shreaks came from Ashlyn’s room because she didn’t want to be left out of anything. So Mommy dragged herself out of bed.

 Wanted to continue my movie marathon. I found Ever After in our stash of movies and watched that while folding laundry. Laundry took sooooo much longer to do (and I really didn’t get anything else done that day). Another girl from down the street came over to play and my stress level increased accordingly. I want Reagan to play over here with her friends. I want our house to be the cool place to hang out. (Granted, at 6 I shouldn’t be worrying about that yet…and we’re moving soon…so I really shouldn’t be worried about what these friends think about how cool I am as a mom.) So, I should be willing for just about anything and everything to happen. I can’t stand for crap toys to be strewn all about the house though. This stresses me out. And inevitably when more than one friend is over something gets broken. Yes, they are just toys. But we bought them with our hard-earned money (oops, Du’s hard-earned money) and they should be treated like toys not test subjects in Consumer Reports product reviews. We survived the multifriend hangout with only a headband meeting it’s demise.

The Pampered Chef boxes came. Five boxes that, when stacked, were taller than Reagan. 3+ being full of stuff for me…it really did pay to host a party in Feb. y’all (Note to self: must cook more now). With hosting comes extra duties though. My dining room and kitchen ended up looking like the PC warehouse blew up in them. Stuff was everywhere and needed to be sorted into piles for each person. And Ashlyn was more than willing to try to help me out. Food is always a good distraction for her.

Ended the evening with a third movie watched. This was Reagan’s choice because she wanted to “cuddle up on the couch with the red blanket like we used to do when we watched American Idol.” Can you tell that I’m a good parent? We watched Charlotte’s Web 2. There is too a 2. And I slept through a lot of it so I really can’t tell you what it was about. I was making up for all that sleep I didn’t get last night.


Geez this is getting long. Are you still with me? Truth Project in Sunday School–AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. This is great fuel for my brain. Lots of thinking going on. And Pastor Bob was particularly funny this morning.

Ok, I needed pen refills for this pen Du has and WalMart doesn’t have them. Office Depot is across the street, but I have two kids and cold stuff in the truck (and it’s actually in the 70s today), so I don’t really want to have to go over there, drag the kids out, and find these pen refills myself. Like a good old person I have a phone book in the truck. You wouldn’t believe how many times this has saved me. I thought today would be one of those. I called Office Depot and after the phone rang for, oh, six or so rings, a girl answers. She asked “which department” to which I said, “I’m looking for pen refills.” “Hold on please.” I hold…and hold…and hold…for over three minutes. She came back on and admitted that they were short staffed would I be willing to have someone call me back. I let her know my situation and where I was sitting, but yes, someone could call me back. So I rolled down the truck windows, turned up the music and proceeded to wait for someone to call me back. After waiting for over five minutes I realized how stupid I was being. I could have been in the store, done my business, and have been on my way by now.

I pulled into the Office Depot parking lot hoping to be able to find a space since it was apparently so busy. My truck was one of three non-staff vehicles in the parking lot. Ooh, I should have counted the staff vehicles. I walked in to crickets chirping. There wasn’t a thing going on. There was one person behind the fax counter (not calling me), there was one person ringing up a customer (good excuse as to why she wasn’t calling me), and there were several others hiding throughout the store (not calling me). I found the pen refills and had them up at that register within two minutes. Cashier and one of the hiding out people were chatting and he walked away as I came up. “How are you today?” I reply: “I’m ok. I just called about these pen refills and someone was going to call me back.” “Oh yeah, he (not even sure she said his name) is calling you right now. Hey “guy” (she must have said his name here, but the fuming in my head drowned out the name) no need to call her, she’s right here.” “Yes, I came in and found them myself.” “It’s crazy here today. We’re short-staffed.” “You’re short-brained as well…” Oh wait, I didn’t say that–out loud. That would not be good Christian witness… “I have days like that” is all I say.

Delivery of the Pampered Chef items and despair over dropping temperatures rounds out the weekend. Oh yeah, and Ashlyn fell down the stairs that she was practicing climbing up and down. She’s working on that permabruise, Heather.

I’m getting really antsy to sew something for myself. And I’m feeling that it needs to be something big, like a dress or skirt or top or something… Where will the time come from? Tell me that so I can get started. Oh and I’m also feeling the desire to do some vlogging. I have plenty of stuff to write about, but when I turn on the camera, strangely I have only dumb things to talk about. (Maybe I’m writing about dumb things too. This post sure has dipped into that realm).


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Review

  1. I’m glad to hear you were able to enjoy GJWTHF! It is an amazing movie that I own on DVD 🙂

    A movie that was not mentioned in the previous post is Valley Girl. You NEED to see this movie. It has a young Nicholas Cage (Yum!) and is just all around fun 🙂

  2. Your weekend stream of consciousness was not in any way dumb…I read it all. And got furious at the darn Office Depot people right along with you. Truth be told, you were probably much more graceful than I would’ve been. Were I by myself it would have been a minor issue…a mere blip on the radar. However when I have to drag my kids around and deal with the lameness/apathy of others, I pretty much go ape-poop. Then it resorts to ugly glances and a general huffiness. And there goes my Christian witness. Sigh…

    But moving on…hooray for you and your GJWTHF inductees. Glad you got to watch it and relive the golden era that was the 80’s. And the “Wake Up the Neighborhood” dance-along is the all-time best…I’m particularly fond of the band peforming before Natalie’s party is crashed…the “Grateful Dudes.” DUDE!!!! 🙂

  3. “Really, what is believable about a bunch of people breaking out into dance and all doing the exact same moves at the exact same time?”

    Us line dancers take exception to that!!!! : )

    With the exception of the Office Depot debacle, sounds like a pretty good weekend.

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