Velvet Jih@d*

Recently Tammy Bruce posted an article about Harvard allowing a women’s only time in their gym to accomodate Mu$lim women. I commented that no, it shouldn’t be allowed based solely on religion, but a time where only women could use the gym was not a bad thing in and of itself. I also made the point that men were actually the ones being gipped here because there was no male-only gym time.

I really didn’t believe it to be a big deal that these women wanted a separate workout time to accomodate the beliefs of their religion. After reading the other comments and thinking about recent events around the world I have to say that I was short-sighted. Yes, it is a huge deal that they made this request and an equally huge deal that Harvard acquiesced.

Along with their all out terroristic war against the west, the Mu$lim extremists are implementing a Velvet Jih@d against us as well. That may even be too strong of a term since this movement is still quiet and subversive. There have been mentions of its repercussions in the media, but has anyone had the balls to call it what it is?

They are using our liberties against us. They are using our fear of offending (read: political correctness) against us. They are using our culture agains us. Remember: Footbaths in airports, selective cabbies, secretive schools, veils in license photos  and this is just what I’m remembering from the mainstream media. And by us I’m not just talking about the United States. The whole western world is being attacked. Don’t forget the Dutch cartoon “controversy“. In France and England (just as here) they are refusing to assimilate into a country and culture in which they are choosing to live. (I do have to say here that it’s not just extreme mu$lims that are refusing to assimilate and each refusal is slowly killing our culture and diminishing our ability to protect ourselves as a free, democtratic country.)

While out on the web I found this definition for what we are facing. Once at the site look on the left hand side at “Why Demi Watch” (I am purposefully misspelling it). No, we’re not at this point now, and I don’t ever want to be there. Here’s a British man’s definition of $haria Law in layman’s terms.

Bottom line, when it comes to our country’s security and viability of freedom (even of religion) how far are we willing to go to appease?

*Being somewhat of a conspiracy theorist (thanks honey) I have chosen to mask some words to hopefully make them less searchable online.

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7 thoughts on “Velvet Jih@d*

  1. I was all into this post…absorbing the info (I’d just read about the Harvard gym situation this morning), learning stuff I didn’t know (the Dutch cartoon) and basically getting on board with you here. Then I read your final *starred* sentence…and cracked up at your conspiracy theory self. And…then…I realized, “Wow, Vicki’s sooooooooo smart to do that.” I’m impressed, girl.

  2. Frustrating isn’t it? All the PC crap? By the way, if you really want to laugh/freak yourself out, check out your google hits – it will show you what search terms people typed in that your blog popped up as a result.

  3. Not only are footbaths being put in airports, they are being put in our public colleges and universities so they can wash (perform wu’du) before entering the schools PRAYER rooms. They wash their hands, MOUTH, THROAT, NOSE, ears, arms up to the elbow and feet for spiritual cleansing and purification before praying. Ewww!!! – how nasty is that pool of water going to be; seems like a major health issue for anyone who isn’t first in line after the thing gets clean. Can you imagine the howl from the ACLU if Catholics were to ask for holy water fonts to be made available in public colleges? Oh, I wish they would – at each school that puts in a cesspool footbath. Of course anyone is supposed to be free to use the prayer rooms.

    Minneapolis is in the forefront of this particular Jih@d and some rooms have been in use for a while. They are full of one particular faith’s belief’s groups’ hateful litter literature and chest-high barriers divide the rooms in sex-segregated sections. The smaller, enclosed area for women provides shawls and head-coverings. What you will not find in these prayer rooms is evidence of any faith but i$l@m. No Bible, no Crucifix, no Torah, no literature. The money paying for this debacle is not being provided by the $audis either; I’ll give you three guesses.

    Not So SHAM, you are wise in trying to stay under the radar and Heather is right – google tammy bruce + Harvard – you’re on page 3. I respect your stealthness (is that a word?) and I TRIED to post in a civil manner, but if you delete this comment I’ll understand fully.

  4. AaaaaaHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Hahahahahahahaaaaa! Ahhhh….*gasp*….HAHAHAHAHAH! *snort* Haaaahahahaaaaaa!!!

    I’m so sorry and there’s no Freudian slip, just poor typing skill.

  5. Ah, my asc gal…

    Pluralism is the best weapon against single mindedness.

    Being willing to let two people stand and talk at the top of their lungs that which the other would oppose. This is the grand scheme of things.

    I think that ASC has a service every Wednesday called convocation. It was originally instrumented for religious purposes. Today it is used as a time to celebrate awards ceremonies, class rings and black history month. Was it such a bad thing to allow a religious belief create something that perhaps more than those outside of that religious belief could participate in?

    You said it yourself maybe there should be some time for separate gender use of the gym. Isn’t that why we have women’s only gyms in the non-collegiate world? I went to an all women’s college by choice, so I understand the benefits of being in a single gender environment.

    Although, I do agree though that if they are going to have a time for women (religious backed or not) then they should have time for men only too. As long as they don’t discriminate who can participate in the times…although then you get into the fight of separate but equal.

    So much for the fluff? Thank goodness. Good quality, high minded debate thrills my innards (as we say on the farm).

  6. Yes, pluralism has its usefulness. Pluralism would not be allowed under their law though. We must protect ourselves so that we can still have dissenting opinions. The tough thing is to know when and how much subversion to allow. When it could affect our national security, well, nation before self.

    You wrote: “Was it such a bad thing to allow a religious belief create something that perhaps more than those outside of that religious belief could participate in?”
    No, it’s definitely not a bad thing. That’s exactly what our country’s foundation represents. It was founded on Judeo-Christian principles that everyone, Christian or not, is allowed to participate in and enjoy.

    I totally agree on the gym issue. I stated the same thing in different words on Tammy Bruce’s post. It’s all about having the choice. If students at Harvard want separate-sex workout times it’s their choice. I don’t think they descriminate as to who can attend the all female gym time (except that they be female.) Oooh! Wouldn’t it be scandalous if a transgender “female” wanted to work out the same time that they did!?!?

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