Project Runway Finale = FIERCE!

Can I just say that this season of Project Runway was as close to perfect as it could get? I absolutely loved all three finalists (actually I liked all of the last five or six designers) and would have been happy with any of them winning.

Jillian – I think I liked her whole collection the best. Most of her pieces were wearable (read: something I’d wear, and would get away with wearing). The judges mentioned her detailing, and that was incredible. The knit pieces were incredible as well. That sweater with the ruffle down the front is fab.

Jillian SweaterSend this to me now.

I also liked what she was wearing for the show:

Jillian OutfitI’ll take this as well.

Rami – My personal favorite throughout the season. Although favorite is a strong word since there weren’t many that I didn’t care for. His collection, as the judges put it, was complete. There was something “from soup to nuts” as Michael Kors put it. His draping is phenomenal, and even though the judges criticized him periodically for not branching out, I applaud him for sticking to who he is. His finale collection was by far the most diverse things he’d done all season. His weaving technique of the fabric was really innovative. I loved it and would wear any of his dresses.

Rami DressAmazing…

Christian – Although not as much my style, that dude can sew some clothes. He was consistently good throughout the season and won a couple of design challenges. I had picked him to win a couple weeks back just because he’s had really good designs almost every week. His attitude is a little lot cocky, but it’s not meaningfully derogatory; it’s mostly in jest. All in all his collection had the most “fashion” in it. By that I mean, you could see the fashion forward aspect in his clothes that most people in the fashion industry like to see.

Christian DressA little over the top for my taste, but wow!


The absolute best part about Season Four was there was no cattiness. It was a big love fest most of the time. And even when designers got frustrated or sick of each other they didn’t get into fighting matches or knock down drag outs. I loved that. This is a design show. All I want to see are people designing good clothes. I don’t want to see attitude clashes just because cameras are focused on them. That’s what was great about this season. If a designer asked another one for advice most of the time they would get honest, good advice. They were out to do their best, but they weren’t out to sink everyone else.

The finale show was able to showcase that congeniality. The designers were hugging each other (and Tim Gunn was even getting in on the action) every chance they could get. And I think they were genuinely happy for each other.

group huggettin’ their hugs on

The only way the finale could have been better (and this would have best capped off the best season so far) would have been if all three final designers could have won. They’ll all go far because they all have amazing talent so it was a shame to see just won named “winner.”

Oh, and thank you powers that be for not forcing them to create one more look after getting back to the Parson studios just days before the runway. That’s cruel and something they’d already been doing all season. So Thank You!

 Now, when can I get the whole season on DVD? Do they do that? Aahhh, I’m pleased.


Amy, my good friend who generously let me mooch off her tv (we don’t have cable or local channels) while she put kids to bed and cleaned her house. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This will be a jewel in your crown, lol.

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3 thoughts on “Project Runway Finale = FIERCE!

  1. I am so thrilled to know that I’m not the only Project Runway fan I know! I loved this season… it was by far my favorite. And I loved the final three. I personally wouldn’t wear anything that Christian sent down the runway, but I’ll give him credit… he is one talented designer! I would have loved to have seen Chris’ entire collection, even though the human hair aspect of it really grossed me out!

  2. So…who won? I have never watched this show, but I’ve heard lots about it over the past few years. I’m too busy keeping up with the “real” labels (Chanel…Armani…Chloe…sigh…) to stay abreast of the wannabes. And do any of the winners actually move on to becoming formidable designers in the world of fashion? Just wonderin’.

  3. Those labels are great, and remember, they were all newbies at one point (and they’re houses now). Only time will tell if the Project Runway winners can survive in the fashion world. The show is more about the design and production process, which is why I love it. I could watch hours and hours of them at their work tables. When will the next season start? I’m ready now!

    Christian won. And his sentences always included the word “fierce.”

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