A Boy Called and a Boy Came to the Door

Ok, I’m blogging about something else right now, but I just had to get this down. A boy (3rd grade, maybe 8 or 9) just came to the door. And it went a little like this:

Me: “Can I help you?”

Boy: “Does Reagan live here?”

Me: “Uh, yes she does. Wait while I get my friend Mr. Shotgun.” Oh wait, I didn’t say that…out loud.

Boy: “Can she come down to Shaun’s house and play?”

Me: “Come here so I can talk to you about the virtues of my little baby who doesn’t need to be noticing real, live boys right now. What do you think she’s going to think if a boy is asking her to come and play to another boy’s house? Next thing you know she’s going to want to marry you.” No, I didn’t say that to him either. But I wouldn’t be far from the truth. In her short six years of life she has already lined up at least three boys that she’s going to marry. She doesn’t need help in this department. But he’s innocently asking her to play. I think. And she hasn’t mentioned marriage in a while.

I happened to be on the phone with Shaun’s mom who is also Beth’s mom. Beth is Reagan’s best friend. They live two doors down. So Reagan is over there quite a bit…a lot…almost more than she is over here. Yesterday Beth and Reagan were playing “Save the World” with Shaun and this little boy. I guess they had fun. (When she told me they were playing “Save the World” I thought this must the new version of “doctor”. I immediately saw the scene in Grease 2 where the guy has taken his girlfriend into the bunker and the world is about to end…and he’s trying to convince her to….if you haven’t seen the movie you catch my drift anyway. So I inquired deeply about what all this game entails. No bunkers. No doctors.) 

The reason I was on the phone with Shaun’s mom: Shaun had just called asking if Reagan could come over and play. I can’t really take this. Twice in one day? His mom and I thought that he was calling on behalf of Beth (being a nice big brother and all) because Beth wanted Reagan to play. Well, Shaun wanted her to come and play with he and Kevin and Beth. I guess Reagan wasn’t heading over there fast enough thus the reason for Kevin to come seeking her out here.

I am probably worrying about nothing. However, I have no idea at what age boys become interested in girls. I’m praying this is just friends wanting to play not worrying about who is a boy and who is a girl. When does it change???

 For the record, Reagan was at another friend’s house playing. Just down the street though. Amy and I figured that this was all innocent enough and she would inquire of the other friend’s parents about them coming on down and playing. God save me while they save the world.

Don’t watch this unless you are old enough to have seen Grease 2 when it first played.

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2 thoughts on “A Boy Called and a Boy Came to the Door

  1. I didn’t watch the video, because I have the song & accompanying dialogue memorized…
    Sharon: “Are you sure my mother will approve?”
    Louis: “Your mutha don’t even have to know about it, Sharon…”

    “Yeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, let’s do it for our country, the red, white and the blue…”

    Yeah, I’ve seen Grease 2 at least 100 times. Oh, who am I kidding? 200 times!

    No worries, though…Reagan has thus far received fine parental instruction, and will continue to have God’s guidance via you & Du, so she’ll be fine…let her save the world. Until “saving the world” becomes something resembling CPR instruction. 🙂

  2. Adult supervision 100% of the time with boys in the house until she’s 35!

    How old is Shaun? I’ll pay him a little visit. Me and Mr. Righty and Mr. Lefty.

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