Washing away

After her first Nutcracker recital, she came home and washed the night’s makeup off her face. An 8-year old standing in the bathroom, but I’m sure if I had looked in the mirror I would have seen a teenager. Washing away the years. The original had a lot going on around the edges. I croppedContinue reading “Washing away”

Funny, Silly, Goofy

Or none of the above. I don’t feel like I’m as free-spirited and silly as I used to be. I remember the first years of married life where I would get in really silly moods and do plain silly things. Things that would make me think, There is no other adult woman on this earthContinue reading “Funny, Silly, Goofy”

Day 1 of Homeschooling: Learning To Cuss

It’s inevitable. There comes a time in every child’s life when they must be ripped from the safety and security of their loving mother’s bosom and tossed to the hungry, vicious wolves known as 8 year olds. Kids late in their childhood years are fascinated by things that they think they’re getting away with. They’reContinue reading “Day 1 of Homeschooling: Learning To Cuss”

A Boy Called and a Boy Came to the Door

Ok, I’m blogging about something else right now, but I just had to get this down. A boy (3rd grade, maybe 8 or 9) just came to the door. And it went a little like this: Me: “Can I help you?” Boy: “Does Reagan live here?” Me: “Uh, yes she does. Wait while I getContinue reading “A Boy Called and a Boy Came to the Door”