A Relaxing Saturday

Last week Reagan announced that she wanted to have a tea party. Not totally paying attention (because she talks a lot) I’m sure I gave my approval. She proceeded to write two invitations and get Grandma Dee to help her address and mail them.

So today she had her tea party. To get ready she “helped” Mommy make sugar cookies and sweet tea. Let me explain “helping”. She dumps all the ingredients in the bowl; she stirs for all of 10 seconds and then begins to complain that it’s too hard to stir. So I finish stirring and show her how far apart the little dough balls should be because she’s going to scoop them all onto the cookie sheet. She scoops and dumps for about two minutes and then starts to complain about how hard that is. I, wanting to have the kitchen all to myself, allow her to leave to “get ready”…even though the “party” isn’t until 2pm. The sweet tea is left for me to prepare as well.

I am able to get just enough done today (while adding in a good amount of relaxing) so I don’t feel totally lazy and slothful. One can’t be that slothful when there isn’t a tv to watch, really. Half the day is spent assuring Reagan that 2pm will indeed arrive soon, just be patient. Let’s see, I updated the Spouses’ Club website, finished up the bills, returned some videos, finished up the laundry, finished selling all of my baby items from the yard sale (God is good even in the little things), etc., etc. No sewing, only some prep on an apron I want to make.

Reagan’s friends came over and spent all of five minutes at the table having their “tea”. They spent the next four hours doing girly things both indoors and outside. Ashlyn was very well behaved today too so I had it pretty easy.

We broke in the grill for the first time this season! We had steaks, grilled veggies and twice baked potatoes. Here’s to many more nights of grilling and back deck dining.

I realized the Kentucky Derby was today and I spent a little bit of time trying to find a way to watch it live on the internet. No joy. I’m glad I didn’t see it too after finding out what happened after the race. I really enjoy watching the Derby each year. I can never remember when it’s going to be, somehow I manage to find out in the nick of time. I never know the horses’ names or their standings, and I will never understand the logic behind the “odds”. I’m glad I’m not a gambler. I love just picking a horse and watching the race and then calling it a day for another year. What upset me is what seems to be the easy attitude with how they euthanize a horse if it gets hurt. I understand a little bit about how hard some injuries can be on horses. But, if this horse was in her top condition, then why did her ankles break? Are they run that much harder on race day? Why treat an animal like this? I have no clue how the horse race world is run and how the horses are treated. I would imagine they would be treated like royalty since that’s what kind of money they bring for their owners. So to euthanize this horse immediately after her injury just breaks my heart. I’m more of a softy for animals than for humans (I must work on that, but we’re all desensitized to violence against humans because of the media). This horse was just doing her job. She was trying her hardest and somehow managed to break her ankles. Couldn’t they have sedated her and put her in some kind of sling until her ankles could heal? Didn’t they do something like that with Barbaro a couple of years ago? He lived for a little while longer. I’m frustrated at how easily they can get rid of her after she tried so hard. She had no more to give them, I guess. And did the revelry continue?

Here’s an article that explains it a little bit to me: Kentucky Derby runner-up Eight Belles is euthanized after race . At least they talk about her here like they’re upset.

Anyway, sorry about that. I didn’t even think I’d write about that. It bothers me.

I hope your Saturday was just as relaxing, without the sadness of animal murder though.

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I'm a photographer and homeschooler Dream = travel blogger. We move around every couple of years. That's fine, I love seeing different parts of our great country and the world. Great things: Jesus, traveling, photography, eating, sewing, scrapbooking, reading, shopping...not necessarily in that order.

2 thoughts on “A Relaxing Saturday

  1. I watched and was rooting for the only filly in the race…then I cried when they announced what had happened. You just don’t imagine things like horse racing ending that way.

  2. Duuuuuuuude…I was all into the tea party thing, then enjoying your thoughts on the Derby. (Whereas my Derbyness consists of eating Derby Pie and wondering if a Mint Julep is as delicious as it sounds, but doubting since I have zero taste for Bourbon…oh, and can I wear a big ol’ hat, please?)

    Then I clicked on the referenced article and literally felt my stomach drop when reading this part: “She was euthanized on the racetrack.”

    Um…sob-sob. That’s just sad. Truly. So glad I wasn’t there for this particular turn of events. Now I’m afraid to ever attend the Derby. There goes my hat lust.

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