You can’t just go out and complete a half-marathon. . .

I’m going to pass along my advice on training for a half-marathon. Do it. Train, that is. And that is all. I have old-lady hips now. I’m not even 40 yet. We participated in the Shamrock Half-Marathon this past weekend in Va Beach. We’ve known about it for a while. We signed up sometime lastContinue reading “You can’t just go out and complete a half-marathon. . .”

Hoarders could be filmed in my car

I think everyone has the same reaction when they watch Hoarders: it’s a train wreck that you’re horrified by, yet you can’t manage to turn your head. This was our car last week: Please don’t gasp too loudly, I’m baring my soul here. It does make me sick though. There’s literally crap everywhere. There wereContinue reading “Hoarders could be filmed in my car”

I think Alton Brown tweeted me

I’ve become more and more interested in eating more natural, less processed foods. One thing that concerns me is genetically modified food. No one, to my knowledge, has done significant and long-term testing on how genetically modified seeds affect the humans who consume the food born from those seeds. And the FDA cares not oneContinue reading “I think Alton Brown tweeted me”

There’s a stench in the air

You know that each house has its own smell. You can’t smell your own house’s smell because you’re in it so much. I think the closest you can get to being able to smell your own house is to go on vacation for a long time and do laundry so your clothes don’t have yourContinue reading “There’s a stench in the air”

A couple more newbies

I just have to say the three of you who still read this blog did NOT comment on my clever use of literary witticism the other day! 10-word sentences! There’s another fashion blog I just started following. I appreciate her sense of style and creativity and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it theContinue reading “A couple more newbies”

Favorites: recently

Some of my favorite things recently. Pinterest is candy for my eyes and relaxation for my brain. It’s what I like to look at when I want to wind down at night. It’s my glass of wine. Garance DorĂ© is French candy for my eyes. Garance is a fashion photographer and graphic artist (sketch artist?)Continue reading “Favorites: recently”