Arkansas Trip: Day 1 – The Drive Down

As I mentioned in my previous post, there’s nothing like a short vacation with lots of R&R to revive our household. Being that serenity (and senility) is only 3.5 hours away we jumped at the chance to be able to get some. Many of you, like us, couldn’t imagine what it is about Arkansas that would make us want to visit. I’m sorry if you’re an…Arkansawian? Arkansan? Arkansasian?, but when you’re not from Arkansas you just don’t know. We haven’t been to the southern or even middle parts of Arkansas; the part we know and love is in the Ozark Mountains.

It’s absolutely beautiful here. More on that later. To get there we actually have to pack up and drive down. If you have kids you understand how imposing this can sound. What is actually a 5 day 4 night trip amounts to packing up and actually moving when you have young kids. We’ve been through this drill before with our trip down to Florida earlier this year so you would think it would be easier this time. No.

I’m going to spare you the details of what all it took to get the truck packed. The main thing is we got it packed. There were really only two major things we forgot: a blanket for Ashlyn and underwear for Du. We’re managing, thanks for asking.

Dinner was Wendy’s. Burgers-good. Fries-bad. Fries dipped in Frosty-very good. Ashlyn seemed to think hurling her cheeseburger across the truck was good too. This wasn’t the first time. She likes throwing cheeseburgers in the truck. Mommy’s smart though and asks for cheeseburgers with no sauce. No sauce, no mess. We got Reagan an MP3 player for all the long trips we’ll be making soon. It took her all of five minutes to learn how to use it. The funniest and best thing in the world is to hear your child singing at the top of her lungs (or his lungs if you’re Tori). So, Reagan was singing, Ashlyn was either sleeping or crying, Du was driving and listening to a book on tape, and Vicki was either sleeping or trying to take pictures out of the window of a speeding truck for the photo scavenger hunt. It was a good trip down.


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