Friday 13: A Photo Scavenger Hunt

There is nothing better than going on a short vacation to relax and refresh the mind. In this house R&R is desperately needed so we’re heading away for Memorial Weekend. Last week my Friday 13 List covered various activities I’d rather be doing outside. One of my commenters responded with the suggestion of going on a photo scavenger hunt. What a great idea! We’re going on vacation, getting out of the ol’ burg, why not document it in a fun way!

So here it is:


  1. A cow
  2. A broken-down car
  3. A bird house
  4. A purple flower
  5. A “Main Street” sign
  6. The number 13
  7. A mushroom
  8. A bird or birds on a wire
  9. A stop sign with bullet holes (do not create this one on your own)
  10. A tall building
  11. A swing
  12. An ant hill
  13. Yourself, outside (because you know you’re never in a lot of your family’s photos)


Friday 13: Photo Scavenger Hunt

 Here are my results (posted on 27 May 08)

How about you? Can you come up with photos for these things on this long weekend? Comment back to me with a link to some type of web album (snapfish, shutterfly, kodak, picasa, etc). Have fun!

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