How Do You Find Good Blogs?

As you can imagine, being a mother to two young girls, a wife to a busy man, an owner of a business, and a lover of crafts means that I am fairly busy all the time. I love reading blogs though. I am constantly on the search for the good ones. The ones I think are good. Leigh Anne has sent me an answer to my prayers, or at least a halt to my searching. She introduced me to:

I am way excited about The Secret Is In The Sauce. They do all the hard work for me and will provide me with a new blog each weekday to check out. A new blog each day! That’s, like, 20 a month! My RSS subscriber list could jump from 75 to bazillions in the next couple of months. Look for my blogroll over there on the right to grow.

Bring it on SITS!


3 thoughts on “How Do You Find Good Blogs?

  1. A good blog is hard to find. Or is that a good man? 😉

    Seriously, when I find a blog I really like, I read their comments and check out their blog rolls. There is SO much out there though, you’re right. A bazillion may be an understatement.

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