From My Front Porch Lookin’ In

One of Reagan’s favorite songs is Lonestar’s My Front Porch Looking In. She loves it because it talks about a dad whose favorite thing is to look at his family: two kids and a wife. According to Reagan, “There’s a carrot-top who can barely walk with a sippy cup of milk” is Ashlyn; “a little blue-eyed blonde with shoes on wrong” is Reagan; “and the most beautiful girl holding both of them” is me. It’s a sweet family story that she has related to us. I love the relation as well. It’s nice to have the lovey-dovey sentiment to fall back on when life gets a little tough with the little ones.

Like when I wanted to send my daughters these letters during the madness of the move:

Dear Ashlyn:


You have got to grow a pair, be a big girl and learn how to cope. I cannot hold you 24/7. I love you so much, but I can’t get anything done while I’m holding a 20 pound bouncing weight in my arms.


You’re cute as ever, but it’s really not so cute the way that you roam around the house rearranging everything from my shoes to movies. Everything ends up in one big messy pile and Mommy then has to spend even more time picking up. The movers made a big enough mess, please lay off for a couple of days.


This is fair warning that you need to keep track of where you randomly leave your sippy. Please try to remember the last couple of places you were at destroying things. Look there for your sippy first before coming to me doing the sign for it and expecting me to go find it.


I love you so much, so please don’t take these mood swings personally. It’s a swingy time in life right now.


And this one:

Dear Reagan,


You were pretty good today. You talk a lot, but that’s to be expected at your age. What am I going to do when Ashlyn wants to talk just as much? Are we going to have to “take turns” talking?


You’re a great big sis to Ashlyn. Just wish you’d cut her some slack and quit whining and telling on her as soon as she sits down next to you. Get up off the floor if you don’t want her messing with your stuff.


I love you honey. Don’t take my mood swings personally.


Although there are those manic moments, I cherish and will remember the special times with both girls. Reagan and I had one of those today. We had a Mommy/Daughter date to see Kit Kittredge. The movie was great but the time I had with Reagan was better. We had grown up girl time. One of the first of many to come. It was a front porch lookin’ in type afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “From My Front Porch Lookin’ In

  1. they’ve got a great mom…..i have a couple questions, though. 1. only 20 lbs? lucky woman. 2. have you considered trying a camelbak for a? i am so tired of the sippy hunt i’ll try anything.

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