Please The Client, But Please The Judges More

What a great idea for this week’s Project Runway challenge! Each designer’s model got to go out and choose the fabric for the dress. The designers had to combine their own design aesthetic with the model’s desires for a cocktail dress. Fabulous idea. Not so fabulous dresses. Most of them were unfortunately forgettable. All but one model said she liked her dress. Traitor model, don’t you know you bite the hand that feeds you?

My favorite this week was Kelli again, but she didn’t make the top three. Of the top three, I did like Kenley’s and Suede’s designs. I’d wear both. Suede’s could have been longer to suit my taste though. It’s a good thing guest judge, Natalie Portman (love her) loved him a lot.

As for the three worst, all I have to say is what was up with the wings, Korto? You put the darts on the inside of the dress, especially if you’re going to have twenty of them flapping all over the dress. I was up in the air as to whether she or Wesley should leave. Neither dress was flattering. Poor Leanne had a good idea but went berserk with it. If she would have left the little flappy things to the top right side of the dress and left the rest of the dress plain…that would have worked.

I’m not surprised the judges chose Suede’s design over Kenley’s. Have you seen previous episodes’ dress choices? The wild always wins over the tame. Even when the tame is more wearable. That being said, with the proper attitude while wearing the dress, Suede’s is definitely doable.

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One thought on “Please The Client, But Please The Judges More

  1. I love this show. I also love the dress the picked . It will be the hardest one to mass produce on, but they don’t think of that when they pick the best dress. LOL

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