Wild Life

As in, we have one. And as in, we saw lots of it while at the beach in Pensacola.

In all my times at the beach I’ve never run across the wildlife that we did in just one day this past Saturday. Here are some photos of what we saw. And I’m warning you, this is photo heavy. What’s the saying? “When you can’t say it with words, say it with pictures”? I think I just made that up. I’m going to go Wikipedia that or something.

Some type of leopard stingray:

Obviously we didn’t see this exact one. But thanks to Saurabh for getting such a good shot of this one. I’ve never seen a stingray in the open waters before and this trip we saw two different ones.

This one was in Perdido Bay, off the dock of my aunt and uncle.

We also saw these:

Yes, my squeamish friends, those are the largest jelly fish I’ve seen in the Gulf in my life. Not that that means anything. Fortunately most of the ones we saw were already baking on the sand. We only eyed a couple floating in the water.
While swimming in the water we also these:

Again, not my photo. It’s theirs, but you get the idea. There were packs, or schools, or whatever you call a group of dolphins or porpoises. They were having just as much fun playing as we were. The whole beach would gasp and thrill at the same time when Flipper’s buddies would jump out of the water.

Fortunately our wildlife didn’t look like this:

Thanks BBC for that photo.

No, our wildlife looked more like this:

No critiquing the stance please. How fun is that–to hit balls into the Bay!

And our wildlife looked more like this:

We all Wii.

And it looked more like this:

Hurricane? What hurricane? We brave the winds brought to us by Gustav to eat lunch outdoors on Sunday. This was my feeble attempt to keep my hair out of my face while eating.

And one last shot.

Who wouldn’t want to keep coming back to this? This is Heaven on Earth to me.

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12 thoughts on “Wild Life

  1. What an awesome trip! I was going to be jealous until I remembered how much I hate to travel and leave my nest–those dolphins just might have been worth it though–and a chance for an excuse to wear a jaunty pink bow? priceless! 🙂

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