Sea oats

Back on the continent, the beaches can be just as beautiful. Big changes to this picture! I cropped in to focus more on the grass and fence. I also cloned out the white building. I decreased the contrast and clarity on this picture. I lowered the highlights but lightened the shadows a bit. I increasedContinue reading “Sea oats”

Beach Jumping

She claims to not like the beach. But she was having all kinds of fun here. I took this picture either with my iPhone or my Nikon Coolpix waterproof camera. Either way, it was terribly grainy. To reduce that I reduced both the clarity and contrast and moved the noise slider all the way toContinue reading “Beach Jumping”

Beach morning

The Gulf Coast – some of the best beaches in the world. I got a beach picture with no one in it because I was out pretty early in the morning. You can tell that because my ISO is so high it made the picture grainy. But, this editing challenge isn’t about using the perfectContinue reading “Beach morning”

Sand, Surf and Sentiments

Pensacola. That name might not mean much to you. To me it means: Beach The most beautiful sand in the world Fresh seafood Fun The Blue Angels Mischief FAMILY a little midget house that will forever be a part of my childhood  I was born in Pensacola. What some may call Lower Alabama I callContinue reading “Sand, Surf and Sentiments”