Friday 13: Dear God, I’m Curious

There are things in life you understand. There are those things in life that capture your imagination. And then there are those things in life where you wonder what exactly God’s plan was…

I don’t question God on many things. His wisdom is infinite. Mine is…lacking. His choices are always for good. Mine…not so much. However, when I get to Heaven I hope to get answers to some questions. Following is my list of what I’d like to ask God. And believe me, I’m genuinely interested.

FRIDAY 13: Dear God…

  1. What did the original earth look like? Was it Pangaea?
  2. How does light have wave and particle features?
  3. Can I see some sort of map showing how the earth was populated? (I know the basics, it’s just amazing to think we all came from two people.)
  4. Can I see some sort of map showing the diaspora of different nations after the Tower of Babel incident?
  5. Did You kind of chuckle when You decided to make men and women so differently?
  6. Do I get to meet everyone? Can I? Adam? Eve? Esther? through Paul and Peter? through Constantine and Augustine? through Mother Teresa?
  7. Why did you create mosquitoes, roaches, ticks, fleas, jelly fish, gnats (great use of them in the plague btw), and clover mites?
  8. Was creation completed in six literal or figurative days?
  9. Can I see the universe in its completeness? Like how You see it?
  10. What did Eden look like?
  11. How were those huge man-made structures built?
  12. How much control did You allow Satan to have on things?
  13. Will I find out the answers to life’s mysteries? (who killed JFK? What happened to Amelia Earhart? Does the Bermuda Triangle really have strange powers?)

I’m giddy with the hope that some or all of these questions will be answered. I fully do not expect to have all the knowledge of God, or His wisdom and insight. But a little bit more than I have now would be nice. Just to satisfy some curiosities. Will I even be curious about these things once I’m in His presence?

How about you? What questions would you ask God? I know we all struggle with pain and suffering in this world, etc. So let’s keep these questions on the more curious note.


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9 thoughts on “Friday 13: Dear God, I’m Curious

  1. Number 5. I’d be asking him number 5.

    And I would like to know about pets. Do we get to see them again? Or do pets go to heaven? I miss our dog that died last year and I hope he is getting to fetch his tennis balls where ever he is.

  2. I want to know where Rachel’s (Jacob’s wife) tomb is. And what part did Mary Magdalene play in Christ’s life? Was she like me? Was she a daughter of the king? A servant to the church? Did You use an earthquake to move the stone away? Will the Braves ever win another World Series?

    You could say I have a few questions too. 🙂

  3. I would ask him if there are ghosts and haunted places, or if it’s all in our heads.

    Predestination? True or false?

    When we die, are we going to sleep until we’re raised at the end of the world or do we go directly to our judgement?

  4. Honestly, I have so much to ask God that I can’t even begin to list here…

    But I do know that it wil take me all of 2 seconds to fall at His feet, in thanksgiving and praise…I can’t even imagine being HOME.

  5. I’ve given this a lot of thought. Most of my questions seem to stem from the tragic qualities. But I’d have to know about some of the things I consider to be key design flaws, too, like:

    Why just TWO hands?

    And why wasn’t satisfaction part of the standard human package? why do we ALWAYS have to want that which we don’t/can’t have?

  6. 1. Was Atlantis real?
    2. What about dinosaurs, did they just miss the ark?
    3. Why didn’t Eve notice something was up when she was taking directions from a TALKING serpent?
    4. Stonehenge, pyramids, Easter Island heads?
    5. Aliens – did God create life on other planets?
    6. How did Adam and Eve know which bits to cover after they ate the fruit?

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